Can the pregnancy after contraceptive pill

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There is a fairly widespread view that the pregnancy after taking the contraceptive pill is simply unrealistic.But this is absolute nonsense, because the reception of contraceptives is a reversible method of contraception, and most women get pregnant soon after their cancellation.

As a rule, increases the possibility of ovulation for three months after stopping the receiving relief funds.Pregnancy after contraceptive pill should be properly planned.To begin to competently complete contraceptive cycle - started to complete the packaging of tablets, following over the next cycle to continue to be protected in other ways, and only then can already begin to attempt conception.But if you are found to have the infectious and gynecological diseases, it is necessary first to fix our health, and then to begin to conceive.

There are a few things that did not recommend immediate pregnancy after contraceptive pills.If a woman has previously had a miscarriage or an abortion she did, she still advised to wait for about three months, during which the body can recover.

According to statistics, it is clear that at a constant sexuality in healthy men and women after the cancellation of the oral contraceptive means chances of getting pregnant is twenty-five percent.But do not despair if you do not happen on the first try, because over time your chances of desired pregnancy only grow.During the year the probability of getting pregnant reaches approximately eighty-five percent and a half later, the pregnancy after contraceptive pills can come in ninety-six percent of cases.

If after you stop receiving contraceptive oral means you have some violations, for example, cycle became irregular and chaotic, it only shows that you have previously had hidden problems with the cycle,this case, be sure to consult your doctor.

You also need to know that abruptly stop taking contraceptives during the cycle, you should not, for the reason that your hormonal balance may be subject to a complete breakdown, and to establish it will not be so easy.

Let us briefly recall the process of action of contraceptives.Their use prevents ovulation and inhibits the activity of the ovaries.After completion of receiving oral contraceptive agents recovered fertility, ovulation resumes, normal functioning of the ovaries.

Currently, there is not a single serious argument in favor of the abolition of contraception contraceptives, long before the couple began to plan pregnancy.Acceptance of contraception if they picked a gynecologist, and your body tolerates them will not affect your future pregnancies.On the contrary, the ovaries and genitals all this rest period, and, as we said earlier, a pregnancy after contraceptive pill comes quickly and easily.

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Another equally important question - whether casual reception of contraceptive drugs at the time of pregnancy lead to some violations or deviations in the development of the fetus?

study, researchers found no association between the use of contraceptives in the background probability of pregnancy and rapid fetal abnormality.The probability of occurrence of defects in the fetus does not depend on whether the woman made use of hormonal contraceptives during pregnancy, and is two percent.