Ring finger longer than index.

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In ancient times all the fingers of a man served only one purpose - stronger for something to grab, to get a better hold.No specific names for them did not exist.Later, when the man learned the socialization processes, expand the diversity of labor.Some activities had to use his fingers separately from each other.That's when the concept of arms was divided.There were the names of all five fingers, depending on the characteristics of each.

Therefore, the first was named the largest of its size, the index was a nickname of their own main function, the middle - at the location, the little finger - the most smallest of the entire series.This is the fourth finger somehow did not work out.So he got the name "untitled".Although the importance of its use is in no way affected.

Interesting fact

Since ancient times a ring linked to many traditions, in which its name is modified.For example, the East 4th finger used to be called the drug.The fact that the sorcerers were wont to mix medical solutions and drugs with the help of it.Obviously, so it was convenient.

If the ring fingers longer than their index, then you have a great physical potential

With the advent of science of palmistry human hand has been given even more attention.Each line, skin hall, and especially the shape and length of the fingers have a certain value.Even at first glance, a small mole can have an impressive impact on the course of human life.In accordance with the knowledge of palmistry, the fourth finger is subservient to Apollo, which gives its holder the innate creative inclinations and talent in the arts, as well as high demand for the creation of his own family.

addition to these characteristics, there is a person highly entrepreneurial streak and a good insight into the profession.If the ring fingers longer than index, this suggests increased physical capacity of its owner.Therefore, among many such people achieve heights in professional sport or train at a good amateur level.However, activity in the other does not take away.

high levels of the hormone

Many, glancing at his wrist, wondering about what it means if the ring finger longer than index.According to palmistry is explained by the high level of sex hormone called testosterone.It was thanks to him that the holders have long ring finger phalanges observed qualities such as dedication, focus on results, increased stamina and developed imagination.The hormone affects both sexes, so it is believed that he endows man with sex appeal.

Another explanation of these characteristics is that, perhaps, when exposed to skin receptors ring finger body responds to increased levels of hormones.With such information, the peoples of several countries in Asia paid special attention to this particular area massage hands.

If the ring finger longer than index in women, this suggests sensuality and ability to experience pleasure in the pleasures of love.If you have some other symptoms which may indicate a potential partner's passion.

romantic nature

It is believed that the ring finger is the beginning of love veins, which leads directly to the heart.In romantic natures amorous affairs are paramount.This is due to the level of male and female hormones.Most likely, so the marriage ceremony wedding rings worn on the ring finger.

For example, in the era of ancient Egypt follow the traditions, in common with its modernity.Young after the ceremony exchanged rings, which are then worn on the ring finger of the left hand.It was considered a symbol of love, devotion and desire to spend a lifetime together.

similar custom existed in the Roman Empire.Later, the Western European countries began to accompany their wedding ceremony exchange of rings.Just wear them is accepted on his right hand, as in the eastern countries, and on the left, as in the times of ancient empires.Therefore, over time the finger is called "ring".Thus still occurs in the UK.

in post-Soviet countries decided to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of his right hand.On the left side of the rings and usually wear any jewelry.The name "ring" in these countries did not stick.While the relationship between the traditions of the West still exists.

According to experts involved in the study of the energy field and the potential human, ring fingers longer than index in the majority of cases.A tradition associated with wearing rings in this manner, is explained as follows.Free finger itself is an energy conductor, which involves flows or charges.Putting the ring on the ring, which is responsible for the affairs of amorous man blocks the spread of their capacity to attract a partner.This is the main reason why it's worth wearing wedding decorations.

Family Man

also widely believed that the ring finger longer than index in men who have a higher degree of responsibility, is a good family man and caring fathers.Testosterone levels enough to succeed with the aim of decent content their children and wives.Such men have excellent tenacity, although complaisance in the personal aspect, they did not take.

a keeper

If the ring finger longer than index in women, it speaks about their mission to be the guardian of the hearth, to devote maximum time to their families, to pay great attention to the education of children, and to be caring for her daughter own parents.At the fair sex such high levels of hormones that makes them good mistresses, whose embrace of men feel always on top.They - excellent hostess as very important for them a cozy atmosphere.The house - their fortress and a reason for pride.As a rule, among the owners of long phalanxes ring finger a lot of creative people.Developed imagination and unconventional look at ordinary things seen in addiction to art in all directions.Features


As a result, most importantly, what it means, if the ring finger longer than index - is a tendency for the family idyll, creativity and adequate for achieving the objectives of the needs of neighbors, and the lack of egocentrism, unwavering priority of career or social status.Such people are more democratic and compliant, they are loyal to themselves and others, therefore, tend to succeed at the same time in all areas of life.

Determine the length

to determine the precise length should take a sheet of white paper and place it on a horizontal surface.Then take a pencil and a small ruler.Put his hand to the sheet should be so knuckles formed a line perpendicular to the middle finger.Noting the levels of each of them, you need to bring a ruler and pencil to spend on it.On a piece of finger marks remain relatively straight.Then you can create the characteristic about yourself or about any person.Depending on which finger is longer - the index or ring, such features have personality.If the mark is higher than the second-fourth, then dominated by the leadership, selfishness, intolerance to defeat uncompromising.By the way, long index fingers have many outstanding individuals who have left a trace in the history of generals, leaders, revolutionaries and dictators.Good quality, but in his personal life with them have a hard time.

If the ring fingers longer than their index, then the owner of the character is endowed with a compromise, communication, the need for family and custody neighbor, loving, kindness and sociability.For such people, home and personal life is a priority.Careers can also develop well, but its aim - to ensure prosperity and freedom of choice.Material success and the work perceived as a means to achieve harmony in family life.

Conclusion Now you know why the ring finger longer than index, as well as how to spell this phenomenon.Hands can tell a lot about its owner.One has only to pay attention to it.