Gaskets postnatal: what is best to buy?

childbirth inexorably approaching, and it's time to cook a bag.What to take with you for a long time decided.But do not forget to put, and postpartum pads that you will definitely come in handy.Manufacturers offer a variety of products and choose something quite difficult.So pads postpartum: which is better?

What are they for

This question can be heard from women who become mothers for the first time.Gaskets postpartum, the price of which starts at about 121 rubles (which is not expensive) - absolutely indispensable thing, especially in the first days post-partum.The fact that after childbirth the uterus begins to clean itself.And the process is accompanied by a heavy spotting.Lochia, that's called separation after birth is very abundant.Approximately 8-10 days, they become more scarce, beginning to resemble the usual monthly.In general, the uterus after childbirth restored about six weeks.Generally, exposure to this point has already come to an end.

How gaskets need to

period was particularly strong discharge as comfortable as possible, you need to take care of a certain stock.Buy postpartum pads, reviews of the Women's Forum which only positive best advance.After all, you're sure to be unto you the things that will be needed in the hospital.

If we talk about the number of sanitary napkins, everything is very individual.But a couple of packages of such products is not exactly become superfluous.Remember that they have to change very often.

But especially zealous not worth it.By the time the extract reduced the amount of lochia, podzhivaet seams, and you can start using the usual hygienic products.Postnatal pads have excellent reviews and many much easier life, but move freely with them is not too convenient.Moreover, the need for strong absorption disappears.

Features funds postnatal care

pads postpartum (price, by the way, is relatively low) can be purchased at any pharmacy.They are quite different from conventional products and have several advantages.

First of all, it's great absorbing quality.Since pads are sterile, they reduce the likelihood of infection.The anatomical shape provides a comfortable to use what is called a "dry and warm."Due to the special top layer, they do not stick to the skin, and therefore, is completely excluded the possibility of damage to the joints and bruising.And as fillers are used exclusively hypoallergenic materials.

pads postpartum: what better

If we talk about the size, they are different.First, you will need the greatest good absorbent characteristics.A few days later, and the average size is suitable.And after leaving already be fine and thin gasket resembles a classic "dailies".

how to change the gasket: some subtleties

Every woman is familiar with the process firsthand.But the procedure for replacing the postpartum pads is somewhat different from what you were doing, and will do more than once.Here it is necessary to pay attention to the little things that have never played value.

Let's start:

  • Replace gasket is necessary after each toilet.
  • Pre Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Then gently separate the product from the crotch to avoid damaging healing after episiotomy stitches.
  • Clean gasket ago.

Choice postpartum pads: doing everything right

pads postpartum: which is better?How to make the right choice?We have prepared for you some useful tips.

  • Selected gaskets must not just good, but great to absorb.To this should be paid to the amount drawn on the front side of the packing of the droplets.The larger the number you see, the higher absorbency pads.
  • Prefer products anatomically shaped, as they provide the most comfortable use.Just fine, if they additionally have "wings".These pads are more reliable and protect against leakage.
  • Do not choose products with a mesh top layer.Best postpartum suitable nonwoven web, because it does not irritate the wounds and seams that are practically unchanged satellites natural childbirth.Sterile surface free breathable, quickly absorb moisture and, most importantly, does not dry the skin.
  • Stop using aromatic pads.They can cause allergic reactions.

review of the best hygienic products

present our small survey, which shows good postpartum pads (on responses of women with thematic forums).We hope that this will help you make the right choice.


Postnatal pads "Pilgrim" are the same anatomy of the perineum.In addition, they have additional lateral gum to prevent leakage.Laying firmly fixed on the laundry.Recommended for use, since the second half of pregnancy.

Products "Peligrin" excellent job with copious observed in the first three days after the last delivery.Gaskets made of hypoallergenic material.As the upper layer of non-woven fabric used does not prevent the natural breathing of the skin.Inner layer - with the addition of fluff pulp absorbent quality.The outer portion of the pad covered with a protective film, completely prevent leakage.


Postnatal Samu pads are designed for the first days post-partum period.They are completely sterile, and therefore can be used as a preventive measure to prevent the development of infection.

As the base material used fluff pulp, which has excellent absorption properties wrapped with crepe paper.Top layer - non-woven material.

gaskets keep the smell that was made possible by molecules CyDex, which is part of the sorption layer.


Postnatal pads "Molimed" characterized by excellent water absorption, which is very important in the early days after birth.

Gaskets have anatomical shape and elastic side cuffs that prevent leakage."Molimed" do not interfere with the skin to breathe and, therefore, prevent the emergence of possible irritation.

gasket has three layers: an absorbent cushion gelling inner layer and an upper, the surge layer.


postpartum pads Natracare have enhanced moisture barrier, allowing the product to cope with copious, ensuring the cleanliness and comfort.The product is a two layer compressed pulp.The filler used wood pulp fluff.Laying completely follows the contour of the body, which prevents damage to the existing joints.

perforated surface layer does not retain air.Therefore, troubles such as diaper rash and itching, are completely excluded.Gaskets are manufactured in a sterile package.


Postnatal laying Organyc from Italian manufacturers are made from 100% natural cotton.As an absorbent layer using a fully biodegradable biopolymer.Products excellent job, even with the most severe form of discharge due to increased and more "winglets".As part of the gaskets are no products petrochemical processing.Products are hypoallergenic, do not contain fragrances.Bleaching was carried out without the use of chlorine.

Postnatal pads, as you have already seen - absolutely irreplaceable after birth thing.After birth, a woman's body severely weakened and the risk of infection is extremely high, and therefore not worth the risk and save on their health.We hope that your question: "Gaskets postnatal: Which is better?" Found its answer.