Blood clots during menstruation - is it worth experiencing?

Since childhood every little woman knows that menstruation - this is normal and even necessary.Menstruation each month reminds of itself in the form of bleeding, which include blood, uterine lining, image, by the way, every month, as well as particle membrane of the vagina, etc.Monthly say that the girl's body is preparing to fertilize.If the egg is released by the ovaries, fertilized with sperm, the mucous membrane remains.If it is empty, it goes along with the endometrium in the form of bleeding, sometimes resembling bunches.In this case, the woman immediately begin to worry, because the regular monthly without any deviations are a testament to the health of the female reproductive system.Any faults can trigger major problems in the future.

monthly in the form of bloody clots

Blood clots during menstruation - is not uncommon among women.And, of course, each wondering what the cause.In fact, everything is very simple - if a woman moves a lot, the blood, mixed with a secret, released regularly and has a liquid consistency.However, in the case of a lack of movement (sedentary work, etc.), the vagina is released from the blood more slowly, it begins to clot, forming clots, because the enzymes that are responsible for blood thinning, do not have time to do their job.Menstrual blood has a consistency similar to a deep red color.Hue her richer than the shade of menstrual bleeding.Doctors believe that a small amount of blood clots does not require diagnosis.

If clots "leaves" are many and, moreover, accompanied by pain?Such a phenomenon, in this case may indicate a serious failure in the body - the appearance of endometriosis (swelling of the endometrium - the uterine mucosa).It is a benign disease has various causes, among which are abortion, unhealthy lifestyle (smoking and alcohol), inflammation of the uterus, ovaries, etc., hormonal failure, etc.Blood clots in endometriosis stand immediately after menstruation, so the disease can diagnose a doctor.

Other causes clots after childbirth

  1. miscarriage in early pregnancy (when the pregnancy has not been determined).In this case, the color may become gray or yellow tint.
  2. Bend uterus.
  3. Excess vitamin B.
  4. thrombosis.

It should be noted that the accompanying symptoms (fatigue, irritability, fatigue) should consult a doctor.If periods are regularly clots and bit do not need to worry.Be healthy!