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you decide to participate in the exhibition.There are several options for building your exhibition.Consider the various options for building your exhibition display, evaluate the pros and cons of each method of registration booth:

  • · Standard stand construction general builder.
  • · Pros: The relative cheapness.Available all the minimum equipment necessary for comfortable work an exhibitor at the show.
  • · Cons: Typical buildings not distinguish your company from the crowd of competitors.It is likely that the potentially lucrative business partners will pass a standard stand without drawing attention.
  • · individual stand with the help of a specialized exhibition company having accreditation for the construction of exhibition stands.
  • · Pros: It is possible to organize the exhibition space at the booth according to your wishes, the specifics of the exhibition.Specialized exhibition companies offering individual development, interested in long-term cooperation, therefore, in preparation for the exhibition try to provide the most comfortable conditions for the customer and also provide service and support throughout the exhibition event.
  • · Cons: We'll have to spend a little time and effort to choose a reliable builder, able to provide quality service for reasonable money.Good work recommendations.Budget exclusive stand higher than standard construction, but usually not more than an exclusive stand at the general developer of the exhibition.

What all design options are stand?We sorted out.It's time to decide what do you want it, at least in general terms.If you do not have ideas, feel free to go to the Internet, for example, with the query "booth 3dmodel" or "design-project of exhibition stand."At this stage, have to work hard, becauseany firm in which you ask, ask, "How do you see your future stand?»

beginning, proposes to define the general concept of AIMS:

If the purpose of participation in the exhibition - clearly express their companies emphasize the status, then thisStand can be classified image stand.Main stand for this visual spectacular decoration.

If the purpose of participation in the exhibition - establishing contacts, providing the talks, demonstration samples of products, you need a design project with an emphasis not so much on the decoration, as on the functionality in this case the stand is designed after a thorough discussion of all claims to the elements.

Pre-production takes a stand for some time.Therefore, to calmly and with pleasure to choose the project with the best price-performance ratio, it is advisable to apply for a building for 4-2 months before the exhibition, however, last minute bookings, you also accept it.

general participation in the exhibition stand and the choice of a responsible thing and we must approach it seriously.Stands build it, quite frankly, do not order the booklet.Exhibit designs made by professionals will make you feel at the exhibition as comfortable as your own office.Therefore they are related to the choice of the stand as an investment in your business.

author - Tatiana Ryseva

project manager "Bonekspo»

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