Effective presentation of goods

Effective presentation of goods leads to a sharp increase in sales and maximize customer satisfaction.In order to increase sales, you must know the motives that drive potential buyer.We know that each product is produced for a specific target audience.

into account is the age of potential buyers, their social status, gender, education.However it is better to find out the intention of the client, based on a little bit of a different classification - of the motives.There are five basic guiding the person making the purchase.The first one is almost bezotcheten.This motif is called desire.He is one of the strongest.Therefore, when a person really wants to have some sort of product or product that he agrees with the price and other conditions.Often this motif is combined with others.

second motive, which should take into account the effective sales technologies - prestige.That thirst for it is often combined with the first stimulus - desire.When a product presentation for this client in any case it is not necessary to say that the product has a low price.It is extremely important to show the uniqueness of the product, say that it is exclusive.You can even mention that the product is very expensive.Typically, customers are not afraid of this kind of price.They really are only afraid of mediocrity.

third motive is opposite to the second.It lies in the benefit.It is worth mentioning here that the product is low-cost, high-quality and can bring benefits, additional income.Here we can mention the various promotions, which will participate the buyer, as well as discounts.Often the presentation of the product in this case includes a variety of gifts.

fourth motive which guided many clients, it is a comfort.While sales have to tell this to the buyer, how convenient it would be in the new car with advanced features, how comfortable it is a chair or how good it will feel in this model jacket.The desire to comfort inherent to so many.These can be people of different positions from different social strata.

fifth motive is the ultimate basis for most people.Of course, they may acquire, on the basis of the other four, but this - the most ancient.It's called a sense of security.When the presentation of the goods passes to the customer, we can mention the purchase of environmentally friendly and its security.It may be emphasized that the product will serve to protect.It all depends on what kind of product in question.During the presentation, it is important to find out what really is the significance for the customer.People do not buy things or products, it knows every good seller.People buy emotions, a sense of security, comfort and prestige.Each of the users has a motive, and some of the buyers are not aware of it.Experienced skilled trader intuitively see the lever that would cause the purchase.

Physically, most people see that the purchase is made when the customer paid the money.However, the act of sharing is not at this time, and when the buyer is satisfied.He gets what he would give him the necessary feeling, and the seller - payment in cash.

Each client has its own interests.Therefore, for effective sales need to know psychology.Despite the fact that the incentives for the purchase of things people are not so many, every individual is unique.His needs can be a lot harder than he is.Sometimes the motive can be covered Status desire for security.After all, what is expensive, no doubt, must have excellent characteristics.Motifs can be combined.For example, the desire for comfort can be an extension of the desire for security.All this must be taken into account when there is a presentation of the goods.