How to choose a place where your child's ears pierced?

Many parents of girls from the tender age of his dream to buy earrings crumbs.Some of them are beginning to find out where the child's ears pierced, almost at the hospital.Other pulling until such time as their baby she did not ask about this decoration, afraid to put traumatized daughter.

But psychologists say that up to 1.5 years, kids have no sense of fear, so the earliest age is the best suited for this procedure.But on the other hand, not all the babes will properly handle their ears, scroll earrings, and ignoring the necessary procedures fraught with complications.In addition, girls can cling to them accidentally or intentionally fumble, lobes are injured and inflamed.Of course, to decide when to make holes in the ears of her daughter, the parents themselves may be.But it is better to wait until the age when the baby she will ask her to wear earrings.

By the choice of the place where the child's ears pierced, you must go very carefully.It is not necessary to go into the first room, or a dubious attempt to make it at home gypsy needle.So you can bring your crumb a variety of infections, including hepatitis.In addition, people without special training can correctly choose the puncture site and hurt acupressure points, responsible for the functioning of various organs or systems.

If you care about the health of your baby, find out in advance where to pierce the ears of a child.Price should not be a fundamental factor for these purposes are best suited beauty parlor and medical centers.But hairdressing salons better get round.First, find reliable information on the qualifications of the specialists are quite difficult.Secondly, in these parlors, typically use reusable guns, which are not complete disinfection.But on the other hand, with their help, punctures are made in a matter of seconds, but this procedure is practically painless.But the baby could wind characteristic sound of the gun, pull the head, or to refuse to give second ear.

If you want to make your crumbs holes disposable syringe or sterile needles, choose special salons where pierced ears for children and adults make the piercing.It is also good if you stop your choice on the center, where the procedure does the provider.So you do not have to worry about the sterility of the workplace and the tools used.

If you have decided on the place where the child's ears pierced, but you can not choose earrings that are inserted into the gun, then find out about the possibility to make holes in the lobes of the needle.So you can just insert the gold or silver earrings and eliminate allergic to nickel, which is present in all the alloys used for the manufacture of medical jewelry for the ears.

Find a place where you fit and conditions, and the master, it is not necessary to look for other salons.Even if the price seems too high to you there, better to overpay and not worry about the health of her daughter.The price of this service depends on the professionalism, of the cost of the equipment used, and the reputation of the salon.It is not necessary to save and look for places where child ears pierced cheaper offer.Note also the technology of procedures, for example, should be clear that the puncture disposable gun will be more expensive than the reusable.