Young Professionals: how to sew documents

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large volume of documents available in any organization.Not all of them need the firmware.Beginners to experts, this operation can be quite confusing and unfamiliar.Therefore, let us look at how to properly stapled documents, and why, in general, it is necessary.

firmware securities should be done in each organization.This procedure provides a safe and secure storage of documents.A specific algorithm by which it should be carried out strictly, does not exist.Each organization and different institutions have their own requirements.

firmware required for: documents, needle and thread kapron (or cords), scissors, glue, hard cardboard cover and seal.Then follow the instructions on how to properly stapled documents.

Step 1. Preparation stage.Before you do stitching, you must carefully examine all the documents and remove them from metal objects (staples, paper clips).

Step 2. Place the documentation in a certain sequence.

Step 3. Then, in the upper right corner of the numbered sheets, but not page.If there is information on the paper from the back side, the numbering is carried out separately.The set of charts or maps, consisting of several sheets are counted as one.After this step is done, the exact number to be noted on the back glueing.

Step 4. Now look at how to properly stapled documents.On the left side in the middle of fields need to do 3 to 5 holes strictly vertical, so that you can view the documents.This can be done using the binding machine, awl or drill with a drill or punch for punch parts exactly.

Step 5. Pass the thread through holes or splits in two layers.

Step 6. The ends of the average opening direct sales sheet and lock the assembly.Leave a free piece of thread length of 6 centimeters.

Step 7. Apply to the paper size of 4x5 centimeters of information: the number of numbered sheets, the date of the firmware.Responsible for documents must be legible sign.After that applied seal of the organization.

Step 8. Attach the paper so that it covers a host.

Step 9. Next gluing assures the manager or other authorized officer.Printing should fall on the sticker and a portion of the sheet.

Here's how to sew documents.Note that this algorithm can be different depending on the rules stipulated by the organization.Perform all of the above should be a specialist, who is listed in the job descriptions of the obligation to document the firmware.

Shelf life

Under the law, companies are obliged to ensure the safety of the primary market for a definite or very long term.Documents on the original cost of the operating system are stored for 4 years after the write-off.The declaration of income tax, confirming the loss should be in the archive during the period to which it reduces the tax base.Accounting information on the insurance premiums to the Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund and FFOMS should be kept for six years (paragraph 2 of Article 28 of №212FZ).