How is the treatment of retinal detachment?

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Even if you think that no problems with eyesight or eyes in general you do not have an ophthalmologist worth visiting regularly.For example, if you started the process of retinal detachment, you may even know and not to know.Problems become noticeable only with the appearance of breaks: they appear as a sudden flash, a floating spots or feeling the veil on the eyes.But they are so small that many people simply do not pay for such "trifles" attention.So if you have a concern, it is best to apply as early as possible to the optometrist.

In the early stages of retinal detachment treatment is carried out by laser: with the help of solder gaps appeared.Even if you had already been subjected to such a procedure, there is no guarantee that you will not have to repeat it over time.So, at risk (in addition to people with myopia) are those who are suffering from diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, or feeling the effects of a variety of injuries.

To find out how serious your problem, an ophthalmologist should check vision, using special equipment to assess the periphery of the retina, fundus view.Also one of the mandatory procedures is to measure the intraocular pressure.If you have seen at least a slight detachment of the retina, laser treatment is a must.After all, this will help avoid gaps and stronger as a result of surgery.

Currently, many clinics can diagnose retinal detachment.Treatment, the price of which will depend on the prestige of the institution, the installed equipment and the severity of the problem, conduct, but not all.After all, it is a serious operation, during which the doctor should properly put on the retina and choroid, figuratively speaking, "paste" it into place.Depending on the degree of detachment and related eye diseases are choosing the method by which the conduct and treatment of retinal detachment.

It can be as laser photocoagulation, used only in the initial stages, and endovitrealnye or extrascleral operation.In the first case, the doctor extracts the vitreous body and only then puts the retina into place.Instead, it introduced a silicone oil, is able to completely replace it.Treatment of retinal detachment second method involves pasting it without changing the natural anatomy of the eye.This can be done as follows: on the sclera with sutures attached via special silicone strip, which weakens the fiber tension vitreous.This is close to the retina and choroid firmly adheres to it.

If a problem occurs in the upper part of the eye, the treatment of retinal detachment can be made via pneumatic retinopexy.What it is?In the vitreous cavity with a syringe introduced gas bubble, which aims - to step on the retina back so that it lay to the vascular surface.Usually do not take more than two weeks, entered the gas dissipates.During this time, you must carry out the procedure for attachment of the retina.It can be as its laser photocoagulation and cryopexy.

most appropriate way of therapy is determined solely by the doctor, because only a specialist can assess what help the patient in a particular situation.In some, especially complex cases, surgeons combine several techniques to produce the desired effect.