In the dream, the girl kissed, what is the dream?

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happens that people dream very strange picture.And sometimes you want to understand - what could it be?For example, if a person sees them in his sleep with a girl kissing - what does it mean?Especially when it is a stranger.Or if it was a vision of the girl, too.Weight issues, and therefore should be given the answers.

important to know

Kiss - this is what is directly related to the manifestation of feelings and emotions.And relationships too.Sometimes these dreams mean subconscious desire.But sometimes something else.To give competent interpretation of this vision, it is necessary to clarify all the circumstances that were in a dream.Not only them.It is also important whether a girl friend or not.Do it in the living space (either a close friend or a person with whom the dreamer ran once and accidentally), or is it just a figment of imagination and fantasy.And of course, what is important is what kind of relationship it is associated and the dreamer.More should be taken into account, what character they are - friendly, love, or even hostile.And of course, one more caveat worth considering.

on esoteric dream book

Kissing in his sleep with a strange girl on the esoteric dream book - to misconduct or immorality.It should take this into account and be careful - you never know what the temptation to meet on the way.In that case it kisses Dreamwalker itself - to diseases and poor health.But do not worry too much about this, as it will pass quickly.If a person kisses with passionate and temperamental special - it is a new relationship that may develop into a marriage.

But to see a familiar woman - to get closer to her.Perhaps soon there will be something, because of what the dreamer and the girl will be closer to chat.But if life is associated with it is not very good relations - to reconciliation.

Dream Miller

If people saw them in a dream with a girl kissing, you should look into Dream Miller.It says that this vision - to profit.And to stray.I received it will not quite honest way.If there was a kiss while dancing - to a stable and strong relationship that soon may be fastened at the dreamer.A kiss his sweetheart - to the fact that their relationship will soon develop into something more.

important we remember the circumstances in which it happened.Kissing in a dream with a girl in the dark - to insincerity, lies, deception.It is necessary to take account of this sign.A kiss in his sleep with a girl who was crying - treason.

If everything was done in the rain - it is to the immediate evacuation of the rumors and slander.But to enter into such close contact with his beloved best friend - to uncertainty and doubt.


To give a more precise interpretation, it is also necessary to take into account their own sense of what is going on.If people saw them in a dream with a girl kissed and did not feel anything from that pleasant - it is to indifference and even distrust of family members or relatives.I do not get a kiss in return - to distrust.But if a man did it with a smile - a trick.It is quite another when both man and woman kissing smiling.This is - a sign of mutual affection, love, honesty and trust.And when even the dreamer and experiencing pleasure from what he sees in the night Dreaming - can rejoice.So soon it happens pleasant romantic adventure.Or even a love story.

In Freud's dream book

When one remembers that they are in a dream with a girl kissing, you should also try to play in the memory of the details of this vision.For example, a kiss with a stranger in a brightly lit room (or in any other room) with a large number of people usually means that the dreamer will soon have to show for his uncharacteristic behavior.It is possible that it will be a sham.This situation requires, so you should be prepared for such an eventuality.

But kissing a woman in a dream in the mouth, being in a room with subdued light - to commit rash acts, which would entail a bad attitude partners work.It is possible that all this will grow into hatred.If everything was done in the light and without the people - that is the fact that the dreamer will soon make some not very noble act, and learn all about it, no matter how he tried to hide it.But to kiss a beautiful woman in front of people and still be noticed - to the successful unfolding of events.And by the way, may turn out to crank some business, which can not be called clean.

Dream Book of the XXI century

Many guys wonder: "had a dream - to kiss a girl ... What could it mean?" Well, there are several interpretations of the books that can give an explanation.And one of the most popular is the modern dream interpretation.It says that such a vision - to do good.Then a young man with his lover will be all right.But if she did not want to take from it is the expression of feelings - not good.There are quarrels, and even separation.If she behaves very emotionally and passionately responds to her lover - a good sign.He promises a strengthening of relations and possibly marriage.

And what does dream to kiss a girl for middle-aged men?This is to ensure that it is necessary to have in real life, be careful.If he has a peccadillo behind in terms of search of adventure on the side, it is necessary to engage with it, or the wife or life partner can learn about it and all end badly.But to see his kiss with upset or offended woman - a quarrel that will cause a rupture of relations.To save the situation, it is necessary to be careful in dealing with his beloved.

Interpretation women

Sometimes it happens that such dream girls.And it gives them a lot of questions.Well, really, this night dream often carries a negative connotation.This is to ensure that the girl may soon turn away friends.Plus, in the near future, expect a serious test.Therefore, you should be prepared for the unexpected turns of fate.

girl standing guard as if she saw her lover kisses some stranger.It is a quarrel and perhaps even to the parting.It is possible that the cause of the scandal becomes his betrayal.

Treason dream

A few words should be said about what it means for a man to a vision in which his girlfriend kissing someone else.This is a very bad dream, and it is no good could spell.It is - to what hopes, goals and dreams in real life is unlikely to materialize.Anyway, in the near future.So it is better to postpone their implementation until later.

even worse prediction carries the vision in which a man kissing a busy girl's best friend is a dreamer.This dream means that in reality will be faced with betrayal, lies, duplicity and hypocrisy.And it can be shown by both the beloved and from each other.And finally, another interpretation which should be taken into account.A disturbing vision can be considered the dream where a person's face, kissing the girl, you can not see.It is - to ignorance.Soon dreamer betray and make a reservation, but do not know who it is to be expected.So, just in case, it is necessary to be alert and not to trust anyone.Forethought in this situation will not be superfluous.