10 facts about animals fraud

If you think that the great deceiver may be just the person you're wrong: some members of the animal kingdom are able to deftly trace around the finger of anyone.Find out who you can trust the least.

1. Fox

Perhaps because of the special abilities of foxes, you can hear the expression "cunning like a fox."Large enough meanness different foxes living in the mountainous regions of South America.In fact, the foxes need to be as tricky because they love to feast on eggs large very large birds, such as the rhea.Foxes wait until rhea depart from the socket, then sneaking up and stealing the eggs.Due to the fact that production is rather large and can not fit in the mouth of a fox, she starts to push his oblique, will not hit until the egg is about something, such as wood or stone.

2. Rats

When it comes to food and money, rats can behave quite despicable.In the US alone they damage in the amount of 19 billion dollars a year because of various injuries.This is not surprising, in one of New York by some estimates 70 million lives of these rodents who steal things, damage property, and so on.Rats are not only the most "expensive" fraudsters, but also one of the fastest.They can run at speeds of 10 kilometers per hour.

3. Chameleon

word "chameleon" in several languages ​​is a household name and refers to the fact that lie.Even the language of the chameleon is "misleading" body.Typically, it is two times the length of the animal's body.Chameleon can pull it so fast that the human eye will not even notice it.On the tip of the tongue has an adhesive layer to catch prey.Also well-known ability of a chameleon to adapt to the environment by changing color.They cleverly change color, they become invisible, blending with the natural background.Also, sometimes color can talk about the mood of a chameleon when he is angry, then it turns red.

4. Track

In order to stay safe and sound, the tracks have to disguise themselves well and deceive others.Some of them mimic the environmental conditions, such as "turn" in the leaves or twigs to blend with the environment.But even resemble some other things, such as bird droppings (see photo)!Other tracks are skillful cunning: they use poison plants that are eaten, to arm themselves with toxins and scare away enemies.Some caterpillars manage to cheat death so that they become killers.In Hawaii, lives alone such a caterpillar that eats meat.

5. alligator snapping turtle

This predatory turtle in a fit of extreme anger can not weak bite you, she is a skilled hunter and knows how tricky to track down and catch prey.The inside of the mouth of the reptile has an original feature.The tip of her tongue painted in pink, and is somewhat reminiscent of the worm.Moreover, the turtle moves the language so that it makes the winding movement and is very reminiscent of a fish's favorite treat, so the fish, nothing suspecting, "bite" and she swims into the mouth of a turtle.

6. Fireflies fireflies

usually associated with something harmless and beautiful.They are beautifully lit in the darkness, attracting potential partners.However, some of them are not safe: they learned to imitate other types of fluorescent signals to lure them and dine them well.

7. Hanuman Langur

This monkey is a cunning thief, who is almost always go unpunished due to the fact that for millions of people is a sacred animal.Named in honor of the revered Indian monkey god Hanuman.Known for his strength and courage, this highly respected primacy has lifelong immunity, so he is forgiven everything.He calmly steals food, drinks, clothing, can pull off even your wig.Some people use these special abilities of monkeys on his hand.

8. Virginia opossum

This mammal is able to cheat death of an unusual tactic: the danger, they play dead.In fact, opossums are very slow, so a run to escape just can not.The only way out - cheating.While on the other hand, a reaction to severe stress - involuntary, so we can say that opossums cheat unconsciously.

9. Orangutan

well known that orangutans are pretty smart.Some experts argue that they are inferior in intelligence to man.Like us, the orangutan is able to use their intellectual abilities in order to create tools.Here and has a unique ability to deceive and cheat.Sometimes these animals are using the means at hand to open the locks of the cells.In fact, many employees used Zoos orangutans to test the locks of the cells for the other animals.This is another proof that it is not necessary to keep the animals in cages.

10. Cuckoo

This bird is the queen of deception.The female cuckoo not only can raid the nests of songbirds neighbors to steal their eggs, but it also lays in the nest their eggs as a substitute.As a result, the cuckoo in the nest remains adoptive mother, and his mother-speculator simply disappears.Since the egg looks like as neighbors and eggs, it is taken for her.When the chick hatches, it is fed and cared for them as well as for the others, though it is much larger, and the rest can be 10 times more adoptive mother!

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