How to choose a corner of the shower?

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If your apartment is no place for the bath, the shower area will help solve the problem.The fact that it has different dimensions, allowing not only perfectly fit into the room design, but to make it as practical.

To place such a structure can be in the corner and against the wall, it all depends on the characteristics of the bathroom.Very convenient at the same time if the room is tiled.To build the shower area can be yourself, and you can buy a ready-made structure in the store.However, the latter option can not quite meet your needs and wishes.Separate the production of the corner takes a little time, tools and specific design skills.If you do not want to mess with construction design yourself, then select the desired option in the store.

first step is to determine the type of product.Corner shower can be square, rectangular and even a semi-circular.With regard to materials of construction, the design used for the production of glass, heavy duty translucent plastic.Door in a construction often sliding, and it may be a triple, double or single.Some models are limited to one partition wall and are closed.

doors may have a different design.For example, glass can be fluted, frosted, mirror, or include the drawing.Most preferred is a shower cabin with a tray.The latter also has a different shape.In addition, the tray can not be deep, so take a dip in it you can not.It is made very often made of acrylic, enamel, ceramic, iron and steel.Moreover, the color material may be different.

During the selection should determine the size of the bathroom, and therefore to the size of the product.In addition, you can buy a corner shower with the pallet.In this case, the search component structure is accelerated.However, if such models in your store does not sell then you can pick up all the items individually.However, note that they have to be produced by the same manufacturer.In this case, you get the most optimal design.

Also pay attention to the quality of material and workmanship door corner.It is best if they are glass.Moreover the material must be an impact-resistant and safe.Another important criterion is the way to open the door.The most durable and reliable system is the opening roller.

surface of the pallet must not be smooth and slippery, otherwise you may be injured while taking a shower.Crepe he must very firmly.Also, be sure to pay attention to the practicality and functionality of the product.It all depends on your needs.

Shower corners, the prices of which depend on the functionality of the design, are a great alternative to a bath in a small apartment.Naturally, the more additional elements and setting a building, the more expensive it will cost.You also need to pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer of the product.The best one!