What if you have a small bathroom

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Needless to say how important and necessary bathroom in the house.It is used more than any other room in the house.But here's the problem: most of them, not many can boast of a large area of ​​the premises occupied this room.So, what to do if you have a small bathroom?What methods should be used to make it a little more visually.

main thing - the right to organize everything

Even if the size of a small bath allow hard to place it just everything you need and still closely, to help in this case can the competent planning premises.Assuming that you properly organize everything, you will not have the space in the bathroom, which is, so to speak, "walk", you can not just put everything, but to do so it will be a small bathroom very cozy.When planning before repair determine where would be to place all the equipment.Worry about that now do not have to, design solutions can help arrange the furniture outside the box, to do everything as comfortable as possible, and most importantly - convenient to use.A small bathroom will look a little more if all the plumbing, bathroom, sink and toilet place in the corners.You can even resort to the use of mini-plumbing, which in this case can be called the best option.Today, there are more and more small bath with shower, their use, by the way, it is more convenient.This option takes up much less space and will help to visually enlarge the space.Once you make a choice in favor of one or the other type of plumbing, you need to think about how you want to decorate your room.So, a small bathroom should not be trimmed with dark tiles or using any large in size drawings.It is not difficult to guess that most light colors will help to make the room visually higher and this effect can help make a mosaic.Another secret that can be used in this case is the use of mirrors.Thanks to them, you can achieve the effect of the depth of the room.The mirror can take place not only over the sink, but also be the size of an entire wall.The only thing that you need to do is to allow the use of the mirrors on opposite walls.As for the bathroom furniture can be said is that it should not be too much.Otherwise, you can very much clutter the space.Of course, you can use different accessories for the bathroom, but again should be very careful not to overdo it.Of course, as you can do in the bathroom with no shelves.Today we can find a variety of embodiments, shelves in the bathroom may be formed of wood or plastic, and glass.The last option is now the most popular and widespread.