Skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment history and our time

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Some architectural structures need no special introduction.It belongs to him and skyscraper on Tinkers Embankment in Moscow.At least in the photos the house saw any citizen of our country.But not all know his amazing story.What is known is silent Stalinist skyscraper?

story building

Skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment is unique in many ways.Total seven such buildings, and they were built almost at the same time, while fully residential of them are only two.Put into operation this house was in 1952.The authors of the project and construction managers have become well-known architects and Chechulin Rostkowska, as well as the engineer Hoffman.By the construction of the building were brought prisoners, including military prisoners.As planned by Stalin, all seven buildings had become not only a symbol of the greatness of the state, but also a reminder of the great victory.Builders even left messages on the walls of some apartments, some lines of which have survived to the present day.Top skyscraper resembles an equilateral triangle without one side.This creates the impression of a central tower and two off-symmetrically from her wing.

Immediately after the settlement ...

moved into the house in the old days, it was impossible for any money.Initially, only one wing accommodated the military and their families, and the second went to artists.Lodgers have a new living space with maximum luxury renovated and fully furnished.Over the years, there lived such famous people like Nonna Mordjukova, Faina Ranevskaya, Nikita Theological, Galina Ulanova and Alexander Twardowski.Of course, this list of famous residents does not end, it can continue indefinitely.Skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment was an accomplishment, even for wealthy citizens of those times.Entrances were always under the watchful supervision of concierges and security guards.Despite all the wealth, the inhabitants of the house could visit each other's homes, leaving the door wide open.

high-rise on the waterfront Tinkers: photos today, and modern history

House has long lost its elitist and inaccessible.Today buy an apartment here can be anyone.However, not all millionaires eager to move into this house, and this is not surprising.Initially apartments are not sufficiently large.High ceilings and elegant stucco combined with a completely ill-conceived plan and close the hallway - this is not the best option.However, not only these poor skyscraper on Tinkers waterfront for housing.There are big problems with infrastructure.Near the building is difficult to put the car, difficult to garbage collection, there are shortages of water supply and heating.Apartments in this building sold permanently, you can also rent them for a day or a longer period.But to do it is solely for the atmosphere.In terms of comfort for the same cost it is not difficult to find a more comfortable and pleasant house in a new building.If you captivate skyscraper on Tinkers waterfront apartments in it can be viewed during the tour.The most popular among tourists in this building are the museum of Galina Ulanova and Illusion theater.