Raising her daughter father and mother.

All parents are divided into two categories: one from the time of pregnancy shtudiruet various methods of upbringing by different authors, in others children grow up like grass, completely to themselves.In fact, should observe the golden mean.A young child has a subjective view of the world.And the task of mothers and fathers - not just to teach the baby to dress up and cross the road on a green light.Parents should share their own experiences and to try to develop a child's aesthetic taste and quality of the material that would help him as an adult.Educating daughters - not an easy task.We offer you a list of useful recommendations that are relevant at all times.

main thing - the microclimate in the family

Folk wisdom says that the main thing in any family - love and respect.These words are tested for centuries and there is no reason to doubt their accuracy.Before planning education of her daughter, the couple must establish and harmonize their own relationships.The quarrels, misunderstanding and lack of attention of parents to each other have a negative impact on the psyche of the child.A common mistake many women - to try to save the family for the sake of his daughter.By living "separate" from her husband, but under one roof, we can cheat a 2-3 year old child, but at the age of five years, your deception will be revealed.Children do not understand much, but they perfectly see and feel the emotion.Moreover, it is their parents we all learn from married life.And if the child grew up in a "problem" families, it is likely that as an adult he will repeat the mistakes of the older generation, to marry.

family - are one

Love and a sense of security - are important needs of each child.Take part in a child's life from birth.Encourage your daughter to share their experiences and problems.Treated equally respectful and attentive to the neighbor broken toy or failure in the competition in the kindergarten, and then you and ten years will know who your child is talking, he did not get into bad company and whether it has to build a relationship with the opposite sex.Many psychologists are advised to hold family councils.It's a great way to emphasize the cohesion of the family and to enable the child to feel like an independent person.Questions can be discussed any: plans for the weekend before moving or selecting the school.Teach your child to compare different options and arguments to express their own opinion.

woman should be feminine ... in moderation!

daughter Education should include the development of the little person femininity.The virtues of the fair sex are calm, good judgment, tenderness and softness.Delicately hints child about this on occasion.But from the hackneyed phrases like "you can not, you're a girl ..." the best move.On the other hand, do not forget to remind baby that men and women are equal in their rights that the fair sex today can build a career, to do science or creativity.As for the development of tenderness and sensitivity, involve the girl in the care of animals and younger children.If you do not have a pet in the family only one child, encourage communication with kids relatives and friends, go to the zoo, animal shelters or feeding birds in the park.

Dad can

Father - is the image of the ideal man and the closest to each child.Many believe that the most important communication with the boys' dad.But this is not the case, the girls too, are drawn to their fathers.Traditional quality expected of children from a parent male - prudence, strength and reliability.In our country, the most common patriarchal family where the father is also the main authority.Daddy daughter in education should play a role just a mentor and protector.However, the child should be protected to the extent of the father can and should check the child's room at night, but if the child conflicts with peers, his task - to speak and give some useful tips that can help resolve this situation.

Tips single fathers

It would seem that may be more difficult for a man than to grow without the help of the daughter of his wife?However, in life anything can happen, and if you, for some reason, become a single father, the most important thing - do not despair.Usually the first and most important thing is for women, too, have their secrets.It is unacceptable that the father was talking to a teenage girl on the physiology of the female body, sex life and other such things.Of course, quite impossible to omit this topic.Very good if girls are brought up without a mother, will face each adult female.It may be some relative (grandmother, aunt), mother close friend or teacher.Encourage such contacts, if you believe in honesty women selected child.

father's role in the upbringing of daughters varies significantly, if he brings it alone.Girls are important tactile contacts and various manifestations of love and tenderness.Hugging the child must be every day, and it is desirable as often as possible.Learn tenderness and care, as well as create a true image of the woman in this case, too, have a man.Remember, educational institutions and peers do not replace family education should start it at home.

If at home mom ...

believed that to raise a child single mother is much easier than single father.This is not entirely true.Women are forced to raise their children without husbands, take on the role of both parents.Often, this kind of "Steel Lady" exhausting themselves with work and do not pay enough attention and affection to kids.Parenting daughter mother in this case must be based on a scheme similar to the relationship in a complete family.Do not be afraid of something nedodat child.If the atmosphere in the house quiet and harmonious, the baby will not feel deprived.Do not focus on the child, how hard you have, give it enough time and attention.

The most important advice for all single-parent families - it is impossible to form in the minds of the girls a negative image of the absent father.Answer all questions honestly and as neutral as possible.Believe me, even in 3-4 years if the child can not understand, then take the phrase "We are with the Pope decided to live separately."In no case do not say that my father is not a good man, or left because he did not love the baby.

Form a certain self-esteem

important quality for a woman - love of self.Raising her daughter father and mother should include the development of self-esteem.Teach your child to accept yourself for who he is.Talk to the girl that she is beautiful, never criticize her appearance.The same applies to the behavior and nature in general.Compare the phrase "you are bad" and "you do wrong, but you can fix it."Your task - not chastise a child for all missteps and failures, and learn how to do it right and better.Develop the ability to easily experience the failure and to protect themselves and their interests.

Development should be comprehensive

Education minor daughter should include and aesthetic development.From early childhood, the child acquainted with the works of art, driving for a walk in beautiful places and dress up.Choose the interesting and colorful toys, tell exciting stories.And most importantly - how much talk with the child.Already in the 3-4 years baby - a full interlocutor with it you can read the story or to discuss what you have seen on the walk.Organize interesting family leisure, travel or find some common interests.Parenting daughter should also include the development of creative abilities, with the baby try to create in different techniques at home, and school-age child can be written in any club.