How to sharpen knives, so they last longer?

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kitchen knife - one of the most important items in household items, without any hostess as without hands.Once a knife was carried all the different operations - from cleaning to cutting potatoes baked goods.Now developed professional knives for fish cleaning, cutting meat and other products - a special form of blades and special handles.

Classification knives

So, for each type of work has its own kitchen Cutting tool:

  • clean vegetables and fruit knife with a curved blade and sharp point.This shape promotes faster and qualitative separation rind of the fruit or vegetable, and allows you to cut fragments spoiled;
  • vegetables cut with a knife with a smooth blade of medium width;
  • lard knife made about the same, but with more rounded shapes.They can be cut poultry meat and herbs;
  • serrated blade knife is universal.It is applicable to cut fresh bread or soft tomatoes, ripe peaches, cut the cake;
  • knives with a blade waveform suitable for cutting grilled meat;
  • knife with a narrow blade longer needed, when the meat is removed from the bones.For the same purposes and good Fillet knife.As they removed the scales when cleaning fish.Confuse the knife with the other difficult - it features not only the length of the blade, but also flexibility;
  • special bread knife can be easily distinguished by the teeth on edge - with a design for a crust of bread is not damaged and does not flake off during cutting;
  • chef's knife - is another popular model.It is large, comfortable in the palm of your hand, it is equally possible to easily cut meat, fruits, herbs or clean fish;
  • knife standard perfectly smoked chops, cut the fat.The blade of his long and smooth;
  • knife-ax handy to chop bones.They can also chop and greens;
  • shredded cabbage or carrots handy knife with a double blade, it is important to learn how to use it correctly.

art of sharpening knives

skillful hostess and excellent cook is quite enough two or three knives to perform culinary manipulation of diverse complexity.The main task - that they are always sharp and blade - without defects.Because sharpen knives correctly - is a special subject.If the tool on the web, some noticeable irregularities is perfect Musat.His task - not so much to make a sharp blade, as a flat edge.But just grinding alone Mousata little.With this problem more successfully cope grindstone, kitchen elektrotochilka, sharpening stone and so on. D. It is important that devices are factory-made, best such firms, which are known in the market for several years and have gained a good reputation among professionals.After all, a good knife will last several decades or more, if you look after it properly, and the cost of purchasing a professional sharpening tools will be repaid with interest.

learn how to sharpen knives with serrated blade or wave-shaped, covered with a special layer of ceramic or metal-coated hard, is to deal in advance, and only then start the process.A more correct - to give these knives professional grinder, not to spoil their texture and of a special cooking tools are not completely useless thing to do.

At the time of sharpening the knife bar should be positioned in relation to it perpendicular to its cutting edges.This is connected with what grooves and grooves remain on the blade during friction grainy surface of the steel bar.The direction of movement of the arm with a knife - back and forth, "left-right" or "me - from me."The angle at which contact occurs and the bar blade - in the range 23-25 ​​degrees.

When choosing the bar draws attention to its granularity.Bars with a larger grain honed steel, with a small - blade with all its roughness is polished and sharpened brought to the end.

even more complex issue - how to sharpen ceramic knife.Having a lot of advantages over the familiar to us by steel knives, they are already more than half a century, took its place of honor in the kitchen and are very popular with housewives and professional chefs.

Despite the increased hardness of the blade, just slightly less than the hardness of diamond, ceramic knives also tupyatsya for long term use.And the same Musatov, which attain to the level of steel sheet, it is useful for sharpening ceramic knife.

How to sharpen knives, ceramics?First of all, here it is important to pay attention to the position of kitchen tools.Blade Sharpening should contact the surface under a certain degree, otherwise it violated the cutting edge, and it itself will become brittle and will break as ordinary pottery.The optimum angle, but the blade will be damaged - 60 degrees.In addition, while sharpening the knife itself, and should be regularly musat moistened with water.The process of sharpening performed movements smooth and long, in any case not going to the short, quick jerks.Otherwise, suffer the blade, the knife is completely spoiled.

Another clarification on how to sharpen knives made of zirconium oxide - can be used as a cone or a ceramic such as pencil sharpeners.However, they are suitable only if the knife is very blunt or chipped thoroughly spoiled.