Barnaul thermal power station-2

The known industrial Barnaul?CHP-2 in this city since 2012 is part of the joint-stock company "Barnaul Generation", which, in turn, was formed on the basis of the reorganized energy company "Kuzbassenergo".The first plant was built back in the 30s, and to the above deadline has spent his life fully - further capacity utilization was associated with a significant risk of unforeseen situations.And back in 1955 at the plant earned the first boiler and a steam turbine.Then the complex was intended to provide heat and energy of all Barnaul, with this launch was born unified energy system of the region.

history heating city

Barnaul thermal power station was built in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR.Then, in the operation took three boilers with serious at that time in the capacity of 170 tons of steam per hour.And earned three turbines with total capacity of 75 MW.In the nineties of the last century, the power CHP-2 were transferred to the mode of operation on the basis of natural gas.In order to compensate the retired old capacity, it was decided to introduce a new modern thermal power station into operation.The ninth unit power plant was inaugurated at the end of last year.

Birthday CHP

barnaultsy recently celebrated the anniversary - the sixtieth anniversary of workers of thermal power congratulate their leaders of Siberian Generating Company, as well as representatives of the local administration of the Altai.CHP-2 over half a century.The history of the company was long, there were both ups and downs, moments of crisis management.However, in spite of everything, today the company can be proud of the good reputation that had to earn for years and decades.

include new challenges, according to the station's director Alexander Lukyanov, and aging equipment, and the need for introduction of new technologies.One of the main directions in the work of the company is the need to attract and further training of new personnel - young professionals.Modernization has already begun: in the last three years were replaced two turbine units, reconstructed part of the boiler equipment.Increased reliability of generation, while there is a power increase of heat and electricity.

Heat power and labor dynasties

feature of generating enterprises is traditionally stable staffing.Experts often spend here my entire adult life.CHP-2 boasts a labor dynasties!Most of all, worked here Kosilova Nosihiny - the experience of the family was 211 years old!And there are at least five dynasties.

Returning to the history of the company, it must be said that 2014 was a year of commissioning of the new power plant units, which was preceded by a pre-scale and deep renovation.A year earlier, it was launched by its unique economic and environmental characteristics of the new boiler, which significantly increase the indicators such as the steam capacity of 40 tons of steam per hour.

At CHP-2 in Barnaul address - street.Diamond 2. It is located in the Oktyabrsky district of the city.CHP helps to successfully supply electricity to nearly half of Barnaul, for the most part - the central part of it.

The team of mining teplopredpriyatiya today has about one thousand workers.

accident at the power plant

CHP-2 is known, in particular, due to an accident at the plant.Earlier this year there was unusual situation here, which led to serious problems of a technical nature.Barnaul thermal power station-2 suffered from a fire.As a result, power cables were damaged pumps, pump water.An arrest of two turbines and three boilers.Wherein two turbines, and four were in the boiler.The city had to declare a state of emergency.It should be noted that by the end of the next working day the situation has stabilized, and the accident at the thermal power station-2 was localized.The station entered into the normal timetable for the supply of water in the heating system temperature range of about 85 degrees.Homes left without hot water once again have water normally.

Today the station

Currently TPP-2 is not only functioning normally, but produces energy in amounts that greatly exceed previous records.So, in March this year developed a thermal power plant 101 million kWh of electricity, which is more than 7% higher than the efficiency of the previous year.An analysis of quarterly least optimistic.According to the results of the quarterly increase in energy production was more than 27%.

This trend has been made possible due to the commissioning of new equipment in March and December last year.The eighth and ninth blocks station underwent significant modernization in accordance with the program of power contracts.Investments in the station (which is about 6 billion rubles) had a direct impact on the improvement of its technical condition.Now that the new equipment is already in operation, the power CHP-2 increased by 20 MW.It is noteworthy that the related organization - CHP-3, is today one of the most productive Russian generating companies.

How do colleagues

Look Like stations known not only for Barnaul.CHP-2 has a similar format to other cities.The same history and prospects of development in CHP Perm.Its location was the city of Berezniki.CHP-2 in Berezniki entered a phase of profound modernization.The situation is similar to Barnaul: local CHP were built back in the years 1930-1940, the equipment is out of date, the city for a while became a territory potentially dangerous in terms of possible accidents and disasters.Now it is planned to put into operation new power - CHP Novobereznikovskaya promise to finish by the end of this year.Already attracted investment - nearly 13 billion rubles.In the plans of the region - to invest in the project even twice as much after the launch of generation capacity.

According to governor of the region, it is important that new technologies are introduced, which means that the situation with the tariffs will gradually stabilize as the costs themselves to generate heat and electricity will be optimized.

CHP-2 in Berezniki

new facility to replace lasted more than half a century Berezniki thermal power plant.Berezniki equipment has already been delivered.To build in open field, on the one hand, difficult.We need to build all the necessary supporting infrastructure building.However, on the other hand, the construction of such an option will create a truly modern compact complex without too much unnecessary equipment and industrial systems for today.The basis Novobereznikov make two steam turbines of 40 MW each and two gas engines of 75 MW.The total planned capacity of combined cycle power plant should reach 230 MW.

Upon completion of construction should be solved a situation where the moral deterioration of the equipment and technology mismatch modern requirements exist in conjunction with the energy deficit.New CHP additionally equipped with special boilers designed for recycling.This will ensure that future possible complete combustion of fuel and, accordingly, a significant decrease in harmful effects on the environment.

Kaliningradians are already working on a new

on ways to improve the focus on the best cost - Kaliningrad CHP-2 is now one of the most modern Russian power.There has long been the equipment that allows for discharge of waste gases in the recovery boiler.In addition, the thermal power plant that meets the needs of the city and the region, there are plans to cooperate on energy supplies from neighboring Lithuania.The station was built ten years ago, but the economic effect of the application of new technologies already quite palpable.Municipal heating systems are quite reliable, and controlled environmental conditions - a new type of combined-cycle plants PGU 450 economical, they operate on natural gas, while ensuring full utilization of the heat of exhaust gases.

Ecology and development

possible, minimized the influence of all kinds of negative impact on the ecological situation in the region.In the plans of Power Kaliningrad to expand activities in the city and the region - construction of the second line of heat and further expansion of the scope of activities, including effective cooperation with the Lithuanian side in relation to exports of heat and electricity.