Industry of Ukraine.

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to ensure decent living standards for the citizens of the country needs a strong economic potential.The amount of goods and services, which produces a certain state, and the ability to implement them are among the most important indicators of well-being and stability.Industry of Ukraine began to emerge in the late 18th century, and today it is represented in many industries.

classification of sectors of the economy of Ukraine

Depending on what the purpose of production, isolated industries that produced means of production.Another name in this category - heavy industry.These include industrial enterprises of the metallurgical complex, timber, chemical industry and machine-building factories.The second group - the industry, specializing in the manufacture of consumer goods.This is mainly the production of food and light industry.It is important to note that the volume of products that are manufactured by the company of the first group is significantly higher.There are also industries of Ukraine, which is produced or processed resources.The former include all those areas that are engaged in the production of fuels or of any materials.Processing plants are subjected to data processing (machine-building, chemical industry).

Territorial characteristics of accommodation facilities in Ukraine

In Ukraine, there are some features of the location of enterprises of the national economy.It should be noted that there is an uneven distribution industries.Large enterprises of the metallurgical complex, chemical plants are located mainly in the east of Ukraine.You can also select and industrial centers such as Zaporizhia region, Kiev, Kharkov.At the same time the western part of the country does not have such capacity.These areas produce food, are engaged in agriculture.Such territorial characteristics of industries have a number of negative aspects.Firstly, the level of pollution of the East are much higher.Also observed an uneven distribution of the population.

coal industry

to provide the population with electricity plays an important role of fuel and energy complex.Ukraine's coal industry specializes in the production of coal and its further processing.Areas where there are deposits of coal - it Donetsk region, part of the Lviv and Volyn regions, Dnipropetrovsk.However, the first pool is the richest, its area is 50 thousand sq. Km.A feature of coal mining in the Donbass is the great depth of its bedding, as well as the saturation of dangerous gases.All this considerably affects the cost of fuel.Lviv-Volyn coal of lower quality, but it is not so hard to produce.The main venue is the occurrence of brown coal Dnepropetrovsk pool.

Oil and its processing

Industry of Ukraine and includes the industry that produces oil and its processing.Today there are about 130 deposits of raw materials.The largest is the Dnieper-Donetsk region.Carpathian land currently several running.Less explored is the Black Sea basin.This is due to complex conditions of oil production, and its own reserves are not so significant.The main problems the industry is the depletion of deposits, lack of funding for further development of mineral resources.To meet the needs of the importing country a certain amount of crude oil.Industrial enterprises that are engaged in its processing, located in Kremenchug, Lisichansk, Drohobych.As an alternative fuel is considered peat.Ukraine has sufficient stockpiles.At present, there are about 3,000 peat deposits.

Energy Complex of Ukraine

no exaggeration to say that electricity is required in almost all spheres of our life.Industry of Ukraine in the field of power generation is represented by thermal, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants.Employment power plants based on combustion of fuel (coal, gas, oil), which produces heat.Using specialized equipment, it is converted into electrical energy.There are several types of plants: cogeneration and condensation.Work nuclear plants is based on the use of uranium and plutonium ores.Compared with heat, such stations will not pollute the air and are quite economical due to low fuel consumption.They are located in the Zaporozhye region, Khmelnytsky, Mykolaiv and Rivne.Electricity can be produced with the aid of water.Its feature is the lower price.However, the industry in Ukraine is not enough uses its water potential.Currently, only 7% of the electricity is produced by hydropower plants.

production of metals and alloys

Metallurgy - an industry that is well developed in the country.It is one of the most profitable.Card industry in Ukraine is rich in iron and steel mills, which takes place and steel production (or cast iron), and production of it.One of the most advanced methods of production of metal - the use of oxygen and electric convectors.From rolled steel ingots produced.It may be square, round, or have another shape.Ukraine and specializes in the development of pipes for gas pipelines (they have a sufficiently large diameter).The country has considerable reserves of raw materials for the steel industry.This iron ore and limestone.Manganese ore used in the production of refractories.Sufficient stocks and coke.Ministry of Industry of Ukraine said about a lot of exports in this sector.Large enterprises are located in Mariupol, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lugansk.The development also and nonferrous metallurgy.Basically it is the aluminum industry, manufacture of semiconductor materials and rare precious metals.


level of development of mechanical engineering directly points to the economic welfare of the country.It is this branch implements all new developments, provides comfortable living conditions for citizens.Industry of Ukraine has about 60 types of plants of this species.The range is multifaceted: it is computer technology, and marine vessels.There are some kinds of specialization:

  • objective, which is engaged in production of end products (machinery, apparatus, appliances);
  • nodes (motors, construction to final product);
  • detailed (production of individual parts);
  • technology (coatings, blank).

In general, the industry engaged in the production of various types of machinery, electrical equipment, and also includes transport machinery.By type of use are distinguished civil and defense products.Accommodation enterprises rather freely, since it does not depend on resources.They are mostly located in areas with good scientific base and sufficient number of qualified staff.Machinery Factory located in Kiev and Lviv.The main guideline is the end user.Shipbuilding is concentrated in Odessa and Mariupol.Kharkiv - a great center for the production of agricultural machinery.Automotive - an industry that is very popular.Industrial companies such specialization placed in Lutsk, Lvov, Zaporozhye.

Chemical Industry of Ukraine

This sector of the economy gathers mixed reviews.On the one hand, it can produce substances and materials, which do not exist.But on the other hand, its enterprise polluting.In Ukraine, it is represented by the production of dyes, paints, plastic products, household chemicals.One of the areas is pharmaceuticals.It produces drugs, disinfectants.The largest companies focused pharmacological complex in Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv.Also it is necessary to isolate and petrochemical industry, which produces tires, carbon black.There are four main areas where the industry is well-developed: Donetsk, Black Sea, Dnieper and Carpathian.To date, the priority areas are the production of fertilizers, plastics and organic synthesis products.

light industry enterprises

Today Ukraine has about 2000 companies that are engaged in production of textiles, clothing and footwear.However, compared with the end of the last century, the scale of production of these products decreased significantly.The needs of the population and provided a considerable number of imports.Linen industry uses domestic raw materials, besides Ukraine is an exporter of this material.There is a large number of companies that make clothes from fabrics imported from other countries.Light industry in Ukraine and includes fur, leather industry (raw material used mainly domestic).The well-known center for the production of fur coats and other fur - Tysmenytsia city (Ivano-Frankivsk region.).In the Poltava region focused enterprise, specializing in children's and adult knitwear.Factories linen industry is mainly located in Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr regions.Shoes made in Ukraine, also worthy of attention because of its high-quality tailoring.The main centers of this production are Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv.


Enterprises engaged in the preparation of food for consumption, processing, located almost on the whole territory of Ukraine.Each area has its own bakery plants, dairies.In 19 regions of the well-developed sugar industry.Large meat processing plants are located in Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Lviv and other cities.Food industry of Ukraine can not do without manufacturing sunflower oil, a variety of wines, honey.There are companies that are engaged in manufacturing canned fruits and vegetables.They are concentrated in Odessa, Kherson, Zaporozhye.


Traditionally Ukraine is a country in which a high level of agricultural development.Due to the peculiarities of the soil yields big enough and high quality.There are two main areas of industry - breeding and cultivation of plants.In Ukraine, a leader engaged in the production of cereals, legumes and potatoes.Also, many are grown and sugar beets and other vegetables.Another direction - production Bashtan cultures.And, of course, do not forget about the berries and mushrooms.Livestock is breeding pigs, sheep, various bird species.Today there is a huge number of small private farms that produce products of decent quality.