How to use hydrogen peroxide of unwanted hair?

Even in ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece, the presence of hair on the body of the woman testified her unkempt and tactlessness.Modern realities dictate the same rules.Today, experts are ready to offer a lot of options of quality and virtually painless hair removal.However, such expensive services do not always have enough money.In this case, in the home can be used hydrogen peroxide of unwanted hair.Of course, such a procedure does not provide lightning-fast results, but over time the effect will be noticeable.

How to remove hair with hydrogen peroxide?

This tool is a real salvation for the category of the female population, whose budget is very limited.Indeed, most people in our world has an average income.And if the family had a child, then allocate a substantial sum for myself almost impossible.Therefore, actively used hydrogen peroxide of unwanted hair.Its cost ranges from 15 to 25 rubles per bottle.For our purposes we will approach three percent concentrate.Skin contact peroxide does not remove hair at once, it gradually affects, it is thinned and lightening.This effect is particularly suitable for treatments in the facial area.Many women suffer the problem of formation of the antennae on the upper lip.Improper removal of instantly reflected in the appearance, which will create some discomfort in the next few days.

Peroxide of unwanted hair: remove hateful mustache

So every day after bathing or showering wipe the face tonic favorite, and the area above the upper lip peroxide treated.Cotton swab wetting agents, and for several minutes to wipe the surface of the skin.Soon the hair will change color a few shades.If you do not be lazy and perform the procedure every day, you can achieve excellent results: they become dull, brittle, and then completely stop growth.Owners of sensitive skin and can be removed from the hair by hydrogen peroxide, but in combination with other ingredients.Using pure may cause a rash, redness or burns.For example, it is considered sufficiently effective mask peroxide and the foam or shaving cream in equal proportions.The mixture is applied uniformly on the skin and leave for 20 minutes, then wash off with warm water without soap.

Peroxide of unwanted hair: recipes for body

depilation of the legs, arms and even bikinis solution requires increased concentration.If you hair is thick enough, it is necessary to look Peroxide 12%, for a light and thin and fit vosmiprotsentnaya.With 50 grams of the core product will need no more than five drops of ammonia.Fluid is mixed and applied to the body with a cotton swab.Should wait until the vehicle is dry, then rinse with warm water.To obtain results in record time necessary to perform the procedure several times a day.Just take precautions so as not to get burned skin.As is known, even if excessive therapeutic agents used may be aggressive.