Horse maximum speed.

horse - an animal belonging to the order Perissodactyla.It was once a large group of animals, equine component bounded family, but now it has very few representatives.

One of the main qualities that has a horse - the maximum speed.This indicator affects its performance.


most distant ancestor of ordinary domestic horse or other hoofed animals can be considered paleoteriya (its magnitude - from a pig to a rhinoceros) - extinct animals from the order of hoofed Tertiary.Its ancient remains have been studied and described more famous French zoologist Cuvier.

not know what times people was taming the animal, but it coexisted with them at all times studied.

very first information about the horse is present in the sacred book of the ancient Iranians (Persians) - in the "Zend-Avesta".It turns out that even these peoples have been domesticated horses.

known that around 4000 years before Christ in India, too, lived such animals.

Chinese, yet separated from the historic flood of its founders, also owned these animals, as testified by ancient hieroglyphics.It is also observed the existence of horses in those days, and in Egypt.

Good breeding was developed in Macedonia and Greece.Greeks with a special love and treated them enthusiastically engaged in horse breeding, as evidenced by the ancient Olympic Games and mythology.

mainly in those days was used as a harness horse.The maximum speed of these animals today is much greater than that, and the species and destination were different.

breeds and types

incomparable beauty and his article with any animal horse.The maximum speed of this animal depends largely on its breed and origin.

In structure of the body (exterior) horses are divided by purpose into the following types:

• horse;

• Draught;

• Horse-sled;

• bridle.

A horse, in turn, divided into heavy and light types.

The origin of the horse are:

• cultural;

• indigenous (local);

• transition.

breeding horses and its methods are:

• herds;

• cultural and herds;

• factory.

maximum speed horse, depending on the method of running

Due to the fact that these animals are used mainly for transport purposes, breeding was to set higher priority - the creation of new, faster breeds horses.Thus, for example, there was a horse breed pure English blood.

maximum speed of the horse depends on the breed and the method of (species) run.For example, in the competition (race) horse move not just gallop and gallop career or accelerated.This is the fastest way to travel.However, the ability to run such are not all breeds of horses.

There is a direct connection between the horse suit, his speed and, of course, temperament.For example, the red horse always represent fire.It is believed that the fastest horses - red.The black - very hot, but the wicked and rather slow, white - soft and bay - very capable, hard-working and courageous.The Russian cavalry often used the fastest and most passionate - red rocks.

Step canter is a traditional, usual for this animal.In this case, the maximum speed of the horse (km / h) - 15-20.

And gallop on the nature and speed of movement is divided on Manezh (300 m / min.), Short (speed - up to 700 m / min.) And high-spirited (more than 1000 meters per minute).

If necessary, pass a long-distance horse can run, has a top speed of 60 km per hour.

It is important to note that the speed of a horse pure blood, as well as other indicators it is usually an order of magnitude higher than that of animals of other species.

record holder

What is the maximum speed of the horse?This can be found by examining the statistics records.

rapidity run these smart, strong and beautiful animal has its own records.They mainly belong to the English thoroughbred.

world record set a thoroughbred stallion named Rekit Beach (1945).Then, in Mexico City at a distance of 400 meters long, this beautiful horse could reach a speed of 69.69 km / h.Record the absolute champion in speed Rekita Beach was repeated (but not broken) stallion ONION ROLL only in September 1993.

Today the most striking example of rapid run - 69.3 km / h.Such speed is developed, ran more than 800 meters, horse Siglevi Slave I. However, he escaped without a rider, but it is considered quite high.

A rider which speed can develop a horse?Maximum speed stallion owned Hassle John Henry, did more than 60 kilometers per hour at a distance of 2.4 km.

There are world records at the trotters at a distance of 1,600 meters: among stallions (1 minute 51 seconds) belongs Chip Pie, and among the mares (1 minute 51.8 seconds) - Bittze Weale.

horse for a long time is an indispensable tool in the human economy.People love and revere horses like its closest and most loyal friends.Not in vain, according to ancient mythology of different peoples this animal is a defender of the people from the evil of various diseases and misfortunes.