Why does one testicle larger than the other men?

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All components of the human body are important.It is up to them to work and normal life depends on each person.Now I want to talk about the health of the stronger sex, namely to understand why a man one testicle larger than the other.

What kind of authority and why is it needed

Initially, I must say that for men the testes are very important.After all, there is a development in their sperm that give a guy the opportunity to become a father.But they also produced even hormone such as testosterone.He is responsible for the presence of the stronger sex is male qualities.


So why one testicle in men more than another?It should be noted that this is provided by nature.Iesuch a state is supposed anatomy.And all in order to prevent injury, twisting or grinding departments scrotum in everyday life.

normal size testes - an average of four to six centimeters in length.The width should be about the size of two and a half centimeters.However, these parameters - this is not standard.All depends on the man's body.The larger it is, so, consequently, his testicles will be larger.

However, it's fine if minor differences in principle.Otherwise, it is necessary to consult a doctor.


are investigated further, why one testicle larger than the other men.There is also worth mentioning that the problem can detect every man alone.For this purpose it is necessary to conduct periodic inspection of the body.Procedure:

  1. need to be inspected in a calm state.In no case after exercise or sex.
  2. Visual inspection: you need to be in front of a mirror and compare the size of both testicles.
  3. also important to consider the color.The testicles should be of the same color.
  4. Next you need to take turns each egg lift to the groin.Here it is necessary to trace whether the pain.
  5. At this stage, each egg should be slightly compressed.It also says that if there is pain in this case.
  6. last stage: it is necessary several times tighter as when urinating.If there was a pain - it's not a good sign.

Reason 1. Acceptance of narcotics

first reason why one egg is more than another men may be receiving different drugs.And especially - marijuana.Scientists have proven that this plant is able to change the size of the male organ.Sometimes it happens that one testicle is reduced, otherwise it remains in the normal way.Man turns disturbing imbalance.

Cause 2. Medications

If one testicle larger than the other men, the causes can be determined in the reception of drugs.These effects can lead anaboliticheskie steroids and synthetic testosterone drugs.If you are using the latest tools pituitary body gives an indication to stop the self-testosterone (the testes and are engaged).As a result, the body gradually atrophies and shrinks.

reason Varikotsele

3. What are some reasons why one testicle larger than the other men?This condition can cause such diseases as varicocele.In this disease blood circulation in the body, so that the egg guy does not get the proper and necessary for the normal operation of the power supply.Therefore, the decrease in size.

Reason 4. Trauma

Why a man one testicle is larger than another, what reason can induce such a state?Often, it is promoted by a variety of injuries, that guy gets in the groin area.It can even lead to irreversible consequences.And all because that in this case there is stagnation of blood in the groin, as a consequence - the wrong blood supply and nutrition eggs, which causes this condition.

reason epididymitis

5. It should be noted that this is an inflammatory process that affects the epididymis men.This problem can occur even due to an infectious disease such as influenza, pneumonia, meningitis, etc.Thus he becomes an appendage of dense inflammation.It raises the temperature, and when you touch there are unpleasant and even painful.

Reason 6. Twist

If a man one testicle is larger than another, it can be a torsion cord (or as is commonly believed - testicular torsion).Then disrupted normal blood supply of the body, which may cause the occurrence of such a state.

7. Cause Cancer

And, of course, often this condition occurs due to the fact that the man in the body to form tumors.IeCancer also causes a condition where one testicle larger than the other men.After surgery to remove the kind of education is changing, everything falls into place.

when to seek a doctor's help

man should know that you need to carefully monitor the state of health of the genitourinary system.Seek medical help is necessary in the following cases:

  • If the size of the testicles is radically different.Average difference - 0.7 cm. Anything more - this is a deviation from the norm.
  • If the color is uneven testicles.
  • If their skin or the structure of the touch uniform.
  • If you touch feels painful.
  • If one testicle hot otherwise.


If one testicle is larger than the other men, the treatment - that is important.It should also be noted that it still needs to be timely.After all, if you do not pay attention to the problem of time, can significantly aggravate the condition.It is important to remember that this can lead to irreversible consequences.

What is to be done?Initially, it is necessary to define the problem, and only after that can be given treatment.Depending on the cause, it may be different.

Quite often, men with such problems illustrated surgery.For example, if you have to remove the growths, tumors, cysts.Also, surgery to help cope with the disease, and even the effects of varicocele serious injury male scrotum.

Medication appoints only the doctor, depending on the diagnosis.


To avoid any problems with the male body is very important prevention:

  • sure to lead healthy fulfilling life.
  • All received exercise should not lead to over-voltage.
  • can not overheat or supercool testicles.
  • This body should try to protect from any injuries and infections.

And, of course, need to periodically at home self-examination of the testicles and from time to time to go to the medical examination in the clinic.