How to transfer money to "Yandex" -koshelek - details

Chips today are very popular.This is not surprising: modern electronic payment systems are characterized by safety, reliability and convenience.With them it is possible to carry out calculations over the Internet, including to purchase goods, pay for services, make many other one-time and recurring payments.Electronic purses are also actively used by people who work in the vast World Wide Web.All these features are available to users and settlement system "Yandex".

"Yandex": instant calculations on the Internet

payment system "Yandex" - one of the most popular services for instant payments via the Internet.It appeared in 2002 and from the outset focused on Russian users.The only currency in the payment system - the Russian ruble.It can be activated independent of each other and the Internet "Yandex" -koshelek.To open the last there is a special program.Replenishment and payment are basic, they are often the owners of the accounts in the system.How to transfer money to "Yandex" -koshelek?There are several ways, for example, you can use a terminal or add funds to personal bank card.Those who are registered in other payment systems, is sometimes easier to transfer money to another wallet.Consider the most popular methods.

Funds "Yandex" -koshelka: self-service terminals

How to transfer money to "Yandex" -koshelek?Through self-service terminal through the virtual system can replenish cash.Funds usually come immediately.This can be done, for example, at the offices of almost all major banks in the offices of "Euroset" and "The Messenger", as well as in shopping malls and supermarkets.Any terminal provides information about the percentage of the commission charged for the transfer.Consider the following, and what amount to pay is to prepare to the extent necessary, without having to pass.To make a transfer, you must perform the following steps:

  • the main menu, click on the terminal "E-money" or "Internet".
  • Select Instant payment system "Yandex".
  • Give us your account number, check it out.
  • make the necessary amount.
  • complete the transfer.

wire transfer to "Yandex" -koshelek bank card

Cashless payments using a personal credit card today are a good alternative to paying cash.It is more convenient and safer.In the same way you can use and when funding the account in a virtual payment system.How to transfer money from card to "Yandex" -koshelek?This method is available directly from e-payment system.It is only to specify all the requested data with a personal credit card, enter the amount and complete the transfer.Another option - to fill up a purse from an ATM.To do this, enter the PIN code, the main menu click on the "Payments" and "electronic money", select the icon "Yandex", indicate the number of the personal account, the required amount and confirm the operation.Internet banking - another affordable way to transfer funds to personal bank card to a virtual wallet.You can do it from your home computer through the Internet.The details of the connection and use of the service is better clarified in the servicing bank.

Funds "Yandex" in the offices of partners -koshelka

Add funds of the electronic system of cash payments can be in mobile phone stores some mobile operators, as well as in the offices of "Euroset" and "The Messenger".How to transfer money to "Yandex" -koshelek in this case, prompt the office staff.

Other ways to recharge "Yandex" -koshelka

How to transfer money to "Yandex" -koshelek other way?You can use:

  • prepaid card: After entering the data with their electronic payment system account is replenished by a corresponding amount.
  • postal orders.
  • the Funds to another virtual wallet payment system.

Other payment electronic systems: "Webmoney" and "Kiwi"

addition of "Yandex", there are many other payment electronic systems.Among the most popular "WebMoney" and "Kiwi".And the same person can be the owner of the electronic wallet in two or more payment systems.Therefore, a way to share resources between the interests of many.How to transfer money to "Yandex" -koshelek account other payment systems?

Purses various electronic payment systems: "Yandex" and "WebMoney"

As with "WebMoney" to transfer money to "Yandex" -koshelek?They can be attached to each other, after which the transfer of funds between the electronic systems is not difficult.Before the procedure itself, make sure that you meet three necessary conditions.Firstly, passport data from both systems are identical.Secondly, received a certificate in Webmoney not less formal.In order to do this, you need to scan the main page of your passport, as well as VAT and send them to the test in the Verification Center.And copies of documents must be in color.The third prerequisite: "Yandex" -koshelek need to be identified.You can do this in two ways: by sending an emailed statement, certified by a notary public, to the address of the payment system and performing transfer from CONTACT.

binding purses "Yandex" and "WebMoney"

If all requirements are met, you can proceed to binding.To do this:

  • log in to your account payment system "WebMoney".
  • Open "Service Account linking".
  • Icon Select "Yandex".
  • Specify the number of the virtual wallet that you want to fill.
  • Save the resulting code required for the binding.
  • log in to your account settlement system "Yandex".
  • follow the link "Link WebMoney purse" and enter the code.

These actions are enough to execute once.As with "WebMoney" to transfer money to "Yandex" -koshelek after the successful completion of the binding?To do this, open the "Keeper Classic", click the icon settlement system "Yandex", specify the desired amount and confirm your intention to make a transfer.

Purses various electronic payment systems: "Kiwi" and "Yandex"

opportunity to transfer funds from the payments system "Kiwi" to "Yandex" is not directly there.If you want to commit such an operation, you can use a credit card.First, you must bring her the necessary sum from one electronic payment system, and then update your account to another.How to translate "Yandex" on the "Kiwi" -koshelek?In the same manner.Instead, the bank may use the virtual card QIWI Visa Virtual, as well as the payment system "WebMoney".

How to transfer money to "Yandex" -koshelek to "Yandex" -koshelka?

Settlement System "Yandex" allows you to perform internal transfers between the owners of e-wallets.This operation is often necessary to carry out, for example, to pay for goods in shops.How to transfer money from "Yandex" -koshelka another "Yandex" -koshelek?First you need to open your account on the page "Yandex".To do this in the right upper corner of the login and password, and then granted access to e-mail, disk, as well as the wallet.You can then proceed directly to the transfer of funds:

  • Open section "Transfer".
  • specified e-mail address (in the system "Yandex") or the number of personal wallet payee.
  • Enter the amount to come to the purse of the recipient (no commission).
  • Write a comment: name of the payer, the purpose of the transfer.
  • Enter billing password.
  • confirm the transfer.

refunds that have been wrongly credited to the expense of others in the system "Yandex"

When dealing with money always have to be careful.This will avoid a lot of troubles.The same rule is followed, adding, "Yandex" -koshelek, regardless of the chosen method of transfer.That is why when making transactions through self-service terminals, ATMs, or with office workers need to re-check the account number.However, such measures are not always effective.How to transfer money to "Yandex" -koshelek to "Yandex" -koshelka in the case of mistaken replenishment of another account?First of all, you should write in support of the electronic system of payments and request information about the existence of the purse, the details of which have been wrongly listed in the transaction.It should be borne in mind that in the case of a positive response refund is possible only with an agreement between the recipient and the payer of funds.Of course, if no fraudulent activity occurred.Otherwise, you can go to court.However, it needs to know the real data of the owner of the purse, which had been erroneously credited funds.

electronic payments systems - a convenient way to pay huge amount of goods and services on the Internet.It is not surprising that the number of users, including owners of "Yandex" -koshelkov, grows daily.At the same time increased the number of questions connected with the rules of the payment system.The fundamental is the information on how to update your account, and how to transfer money to another wallet."Yandex" for that provide a variety of ways.Each owner of the purse will be able to choose among them the most suitable for themselves.One only has to remember that in most cases the operation of completion or transfer commission.And the size should be specified in advance.