A few tips about how to transfer money to the card from your phone

Very often in everyday life there are circumstances when urgently needed cash.The situation is complicated by the fact that there are only a cell phone bill, and this amount is large enough.There is quite a natural question: "How to transfer money from card to phone?" Is it possible at all?

need for the withdrawal of money is very high

problems on the subject of how to transfer money to the card from your phone, and have to deal with those who have run out cash on your holiday.It also happens that your employer pays your telephone, and you are due to various reasons in the last month had not benefited from corporate mobile phone.

In this case, you may well cash in the money.Ultimately, it does not disappear as.And believe me, this is not an exhaustive list of situations in life when your purse is the only mobile phone.

Thus, the question of how to transfer money from the phone to the card is very, very important.It should be noted that the cash your "blood" can be - it will not be difficult.

Methods There are several methods by which solved the problem of how to transfer money from the phone to the card.Let us examine them in detail.

Services Mobile operators

Just a few years ago were set up specialized services that make money transfers from your phone to the card.Of course, for such services are subject to the fee.Later, cellular operators have realized that it is possible to make money, and organized a similar intra services.The first of them were of "Megafon" and "Beeline".

The latter access these services, which is called "Moby money" can be accessed through the official website.To help you, you will also be a system of money transfers "Unistream".


So, how do we translate money from the phone to the card by the latest fashion?

The official site of "Unistream", and then find your nearest banking institutions and in the next stage refer a text message indicating the amount of the payment, a bank department, where we want to get the money, and, of course, indicate the surname, first name and patronymic.After a few minutes you will address a confirmation that the payment is made by the operator, and you will also receive a special code via SMS which you have to tell the bank employee that you have given out the money.You will need to take your passport and go to the office of Sberbank or VTB-24 for cash.

similar service developed and the company "Megaphone".As additional tools you can use to withdraw money with electronic systems, such as "Yandex" or "WebMoney".

cancellation of the contract with a mobile network operator

If you no longer need the services of the mobile operator, you need to go to the office of "MTS" and "Beeline" and to terminate the contract of service.After 10 days after you return the money.


not know how to transfer the phone to the card money?Use exchangers online.

Today the Internet there are many automated services that will help you to cash the money lying on the bank for phone calls.However, be careful as likely to stumble on fraud, just waiting, how to lure your "blood".

Use proven services.The implications of this transfer scheme is very simple: you send to a short number SMS message and then removed from your phone ennaya amount, and the next phase of service employees to transfer funds to the e-wallet, which number you specified at registration.Also, you will need to specify the country, service provider and their contact details.

Note that the money you can get for 9 days.Also be aware that in one hour you have the right to transfer no more than 90 dollars, and for one day - no more than 180 dollars.

If you are a subscriber of the company "MTS", which, among other things, has the status of the payment system, then you can cash out the money with the help of the service "Easy payment".Use them on the official website of mobile operator.The money you get on a debit card "Savings".Be prepared to pay for a service fee of 3% of the payment amount plus 10 rubles, as well as an additional fee of 2.5% of the money transfer.Also remember that one day you are entitled to make a maximum of five operations, with one transfer amount must not exceed 15 000 rubles.

Sberbank cardholders can transfer money from the account of your mobile phone at her through the service "Mobile Banking".You need to send an SMS to number 900 indicating the size of the payment, the recipient's phone number, and then you have to send to the system sent you a confirmation code.The recipient will find the money on the account, which is tied to the number of his mobile phone.