How to make money betting

How many people would be alive, so it will be interested in ways of earning and receiving money - preferably without the high cost of labor and energy.How to get a prize in a lottery, hit the jackpot at the casino or make bets on - that's what is interesting and old and young.

In this article, try to figure out what is justified desire to "easy money", consider legal ways of earning and real opportunities for obtaining funds.

Where does the desire to get easy money

Perhaps it would not be what is there to say, not whether our nation's general confidence that win or gain riches everyone can.Let us remember our childhood tales.Entire generations grow up on stories about the goldfish, fulfills all desires of the Cross-sorceress and incredibly lucky Ivan the Fool.

Later, growing up, we face tougher realities of life was: not worked well - not earn.Still, the belief in miracles is not passed, and the man to his death strongly believes that one day it may be for no reason at all to fall down a huge pile of money.

These scammers are actively creating more new and improved mechanisms of deception, based on the human desire to be rich, do without doing.However, there are perfectly legitimate ways (even at the state level) multiply your finances.It is so popular today, the game on the "Forex", the sale-purchase of the securities, rates for various events.Very popular today the question of whether really make money on sports betting.

essence of any financial stakes

Those who studied physics and mathematics, will remember lessons on the theory of probability.As you know, any event has two options in the future - it will either happen or not.Are you interested in how to make money betting on?The answer is very simple - you get the money, if it is true predict the outcome of a specific event.Lottery roulette in a casino, all kinds of gambling and games that require great intellectual abilities, such as earnings on the sale of foreign currency - it's all a game "with the universe to the bone," as well-known scientist and physicist, told the world about the theory of probability.

How to earn on sports betting?

Meanwhile, it should be noted that the different casino fun.If you play the lottery numbers you guess intuitively, is betting on a certain event, you plug your brain.This is called "fundamental analysis".

Since earning a betting bookmakers?For example, to expect the presidential election.You know that there are two most likely candidates: A and B. Of course, you can put blindly on one of them (which makes sixty percent of putting people at the event), and it is possible before the bidding, to think.For example, one of the running for, say, A, before the election, was able to raise the level of pensions, and made it.In your country, a lot of seniors, and the majority of them support A. Also, this potential president before the election to develop the industry of youth sports, therefore, a lot of young men, too, would support it.So you spent the analysis and conclude that A is more likely to win the presidential race.What do you think, do you have a chance to guess?Of course, yes, besides you to support his assumption here is such reasoning.But, it may be that A not so long ago was seen with his mistress than undermined its credibility, and a large part of the country to support B. You have missed an important point in the evaluation of the facts and therefore does not have guessed.

That this is the answer to the question: "How to make money betting on?"Having some knowledge, you make assumptions about how to resolve the event and a win in the end or not.

realistic to win, making sports betting?

should be noted that the majority of bookmakers do not play politics, and sports.It occurs daily soccer, ice hockey, basketball and tennis tournaments, horse racing ... No classes more exciting than watching your favorite team compete with the opposing team - you worry, worry and, of course, with some degree of probability canguess who will win.Since the first tournament enterprising people immediately understood that it is possible to receive a tidy sum gambling fans, promising them in the case of the correctly predicted events monetary reward.And it would be logical to ask: "how to make money on sports betting?"

algorithm is the same: you choose the event (or more), for example, a football match between England and France.You know that recently the British expertly beat all rivals, and the French, by contrast, does not carry.You bet on the victory of England.You can choose any outcome of such a victory: that England will win, that France will miss a certain number of balls, or can even take a chance and guess the score of the game.If you guess correctly, you get your money back with interest.

What is the probability to guess the correct outcome of the game?

If you're wondering how to make money on betting on football, do not be amiss to watch films "Two for the Money."This film just tells the audience about the work of the bookmaker, whose owner - Al Pacino and McConaughey - a former athlete who is very well versed in the sport.Screening the film to the end, doing two conclusions.The first - the office is always a winner, and that is the essence of her work.The second verdict is that the probability of correctly guessing the outcome is great, if you are well versed in the subject of events, but even virtuosos can only guess nine out of ten.That is why a truly enterprising people make is not betting on, and those who make them - gambling clients.

Who should do sports predictions?

Of course, the greatest probability to guess correctly the outcome of a match - in people enthusiastically watching games.If you know who the favorite is, and who lately loses and loses points if you follow the transfers of players, new contracts, appointments coaches, then you will be able to carry out high quality fundamental analysis.There is no probability that you guess ten out of ten events, but it is likely that the same nine - yours.

it worth to bet on sports for those who is not interested in sports life and does not know even the names of the teams?Let's be honest, you have less chance of winning than people enthusiastic.But you can use the coefficients that allow bookmakers to win of a team, as a guide, and also very successful guessing attack events.

Where to bet - on the internet or the office?

And you still decide to make a bet.It should be noted that today there are many opportunities to do so.For your convenience, bets are accepted via the Internet, but you can also walk to the nearest office and put there.

If you're wondering how to make money on betting on the Internet, you must take the following steps:

  1. Select Internet office.A lot of them, and the conditions of customer service at the most very attractive.But the most important thing for you - there were no problems with payments.So before you arrange a bet, read reviews on forums, chat with gamblers to find out who can be trusted with their money and get them back in case of winning, of course, with interest.
  2. register on the site.
  3. Examine carefully all the sections, read as a resource works.Too many Internet bukmerkery lure customers by offering a variety of events.

How to make money on betting on football

Each bookmaker gives gamblers sportswear line, which lists upcoming games for all types of sports and the coefficient.Regarding the latter, it is a figure showing the relation to the bookmaker office-probability outcome.For example, a football team A has a coefficient of 1.2, that is quite small, and Team B - 6 What does it mean and to whom it is advisable to put it?These figures are deciphered as follows: the bookmaker believes that team A fairly high chance of winning.It is calculated from the fundamental analysis, news, forecasting and general expectations.To find out how much you win, multiply the rate by a factor.

putting $ 10 if you win you will be able to pick up $ 12, clean broth - 2 dollars.The fact that Team B wins, the bookmaker doubt very much so in the case of promises you win your bet multiplied by 6. Such a high ratio indicates that the bookmaker pretty confident in the defeat of team B, otherwise why would he promise you $ 60 if10 set?But in life anything may happen, and you can bet on Team B if dispose of some information that gives a chance to win.

scoring algorithm guessing sporting events

on his experience to see how to earn on sports betting, try different techniques and game options.Most experienced players recommend a plan of action for success:

  1. Choose a good match.It is in any case should not be a game of your favorite team, as in this case, you will be biased and may not be able to soberly assess the chances of winning.
  2. Bet on the team to which the firm gives the lowest rate (on average, this value should not exceed 1.5).The lower the ratio, the higher the chances of winning.On the second team bookmaker must provide a very high rate, for example, its value should be in the region of 3, but the more, the better for you.
  3. Do not bet, if the rule number two is not satisfied, as you increasingly run the risk of losing.

It is very easy to explain logically.For example, to play a clear favorite and the team to the victory which few believe.Bookmaker offers to predict the outcome of the match.But since sufficiently confident in the victory of the favorite, it does not offer you a lot of money if you win.At the same opponent, it will present a high coefficient.

How much can you win by betting on sports?

answer to this question depends on two things: how well you play and how much money are willing to risk.

If you win often, but at the same time are afraid to put large sums of money and do a relatively low rate, it is unlikely the money will be serious enough to talk about them as a serious earnings.

But making high-stakes even teams with small coefficients, you can get good returns.For example, you have a turnover of 5 thousand dollars.By putting this amount of winning teams with odds 1.5, you will get 7500 dollars, net profit will make up 2.5 thousand.In the case of a loss, and you lose your 5000, as you should always remember.

Now that you know how to make money betting, you can try your luck in this case.Risk - a noble cause, and you may get lucky.Many serious players create their own system, and even leave formal employment, relying on chance, and their own knowledge.Good luck!