The navel in newborn blood, what to do?

Immediately after the baby is born, the obstetrician cut the umbilical cord.After that, the remainder of the process is hung up clothespin.In this state, baby's tummy will remain about two weeks.Often, parents are faced with the problem when the navel in newborn blood.What should I do in this case?The answer to this question you will find in the presented paper.It is also common in kids getting wet navel.This should be the correct treatment of the described area.This is what will be discussed further.

Processing navel

Even within the walls of the maternity hospital umbilical slips child handles medical personnel.Newly minted mom during this time should carefully monitor all actions and remember them.A few days later her own will to carry out such procedures.Treat the wound need special tools.They must be purchased in advance.Ask family members to take care of this.

usual kit to take care of the child's navel includes Zelenka, sterile bandage, cotton sticks and tweezers.Also it is necessary to acquire a hydrogen peroxide solution or manganese.In some cases, pediatricians advise to use newer and more modern liquid.However, it is not necessary to replace the drugs themselves.If the baby navel festers, it is likely, treatment is carried out properly.

represent the phased scheme cleanse wounds.

First step: purification

If the baby gets wet navel, it is necessary to carry out this manipulation several times a day.In a typical scenario, the single exposure is enough.

Clean Baby wipes the area around the wound.After that, take hydrogen peroxide or other means, it is advised to use a doctor.Apply a few drops of the composition to the navel.If you are using peroxide, it should hiss.Do not be put off by this.A child during the procedure does not feel any discomfort.

One day at the next part of the treatment will no longer play the foam.This indicates that the wound has healed.

Second step: drying

After cleansing peroxide wait a few seconds.Next, take a cotton swab and soak it in the same solution.Gently pat the area of ​​the wound and clean the navel of dried crusts.They should be melted under the influence of fluid.It is not necessary to tear off badly dried-crust.Otherwise, the baby can feel pain.

After removing crusts take a dry cotton or bandage and dab the navel.All fluid must be absorbed into the fabric.

Third step: Disinfection

Once the skin is dry, take Zelenka and apply it to the area of ​​the wound.You can do this in two ways.Pipette a few drops of the solution and drip into the center of the navel.You can also take a cotton swab and moisten it in zelenke.Then you need to treat the wound.

Remember that this tool can stain fabric.That is why after the treatment you need to wait a few minutes to complete drying of green fodder.

navel in newborn blood: what to do?

Often new parents are faced with problems.The most popular questions that mothers and fathers are turning to the pediatrician, it is this: "Why blood navel of the baby?"In most cases this is due to the improper handling of the wound.What to do when a child's blood navel?Certainly, it is necessary to consult a doctor.The pediatrician will examine your baby and give necessary recommendations.However, there are also practical advice.Let us examine them in detail.

Eliminate water treatment

If the navel in newborn blood, what to do in this case?For starters give up swimming.In the process of water treatment is an intensive soaking dried crusts.If there is bleeding beneath the wound, such manipulation can lead to infection.At the same time the baby's body temperature is often increased.This situation requires the use of medications and early treatment.However, the correction may appoint a doctor.

Try to give up swimming for the entire period until the infant blood navel.Use hygiene wipes crumbs or wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Do not place the baby on his tummy

Many pediatricians recommend spending putting some baby on his stomach from the first days of life.This procedure helps to improve the functioning of the intestines and easier flatus.However, the pathological processes in the umbilical wound, including during the isolation of the blood, it is not necessary to conduct such exercises.

Avoid putting some baby on his tummy until the umbilical ring is not completely back to normal.In most cases, it requires two to four weeks.

Choose the right diapers

When the navel in newborn blood, what to do?Often this process begins due to improperly selected personal care products.Homemade diapers or gauze panties strongly rub the navel.Because of this crust can break away prematurely.At this point begins to stand ichor.To avoid such an outcome event, you must choose the right diapers.

Currently, manufacturers of funds for child care offer to buy special knickers and articles on stickers.On their girdle have a small hole, which has a soft border.It is provided to the navel.The use of such diapers breathe and allows the wound to heal faster.

Choose quality clothing

If the baby began to bleed the navel, it is better to keep frequently outdoors.During warmer months, wear child in thin cotton T-shirts and vests.Clothes should not hesitate to put pressure on the skin remains.Avoid tight swaddling.If you use pants, their belt should be positioned well below the level of the umbilical wound.

When you go out for a walk, the navel should be covered.Otherwise, there may get bacteria, dust and germs.All of this will only worsen the inflammatory process.

Most wounds treated area

If a child started bleed navel, the single cleansing will not be enough.Try to handle the inflamed area up to three times a day.At the same time, use all the same peroxide and Zelenka.If the doctor recommends antimicrobial drugs, be sure to use them as well.

Spend cleaning the navel area of ​​the child only with clean hands.Use antibacterial soap as usual substances can not clean your hands properly.

Call an ambulance

If a newborn baby a strong start to bleed the navel, you should call an ambulance.Cheerleaders mom and dad should copious any fluid from the wound.In most cases, this is a sign of serious complications.Most likely, you will be offered admission.Never give up on it and do not self-medicate.Perhaps now your decision depends on further health baby.


you now know how to properly handle the umbilical wound at the baby.When the slips with a pin fall off, it is necessary to adhere to the rules described for several more days.Only after complete healing of the hole you can cancel all the manipulations described and maintain normal hygiene procedures.

Do not tear off their own arm of the navel of the baby.Do not use folk remedies to cleanse the wound.The only exceptions are cases where it is recommended that you experienced pediatrician.Do not remove the dried crusts without maceration.Thus, you can greatly hurt the skin.Take care of the newborn properly and, if necessary, consult a doctor.All the best!