How to build neck at home: features and examples of exercises

If you do not know how to pump up the neck in the home, but it very much want, that our article will help you do it quickly.In fact, outside of the gym it is also possible to form muscle mass, but it should be done very carefully, because you can get injured.

So, all the exercises are designed to inflate the neck, can be divided into several groups: movement, which uses its own weight, extra shells (dumbbells or weights), as well as overcoming the resistance of hands.Each type must be used a certain group of athletes.For example, before pump neck at home newbie, you should prepare and choose the exercises for which you need the resistance arms.The fact that such a complex will be the safest.

example, you can put both hands on his forehead and press it.At the same time you have to resist the head, during which the neck muscles tense up.Movement should not be harsh.The complex involves the head tilts to the left and right, back and forth, and turn toward a resistance.All exercises should be done in a few sets of 15 repetitions.However, the intensity and duration of the training depends on the degree of health and physical training person.Beginners better to start with a few repetitions.

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now look at how to pump up the neck at home with the help of its own weight.This is no big deal.You can simply make a "bridge" with the need to arrange the legs wide enough, and instead rely hands head.Naturally, you need to do an exercise on the mat.Now, try to roll the head in different directions.Do everything you need very smoothly.Beginners better hedging her arms.Of course, exercise should be done in a number of approaches, ranging from 5 repetitions.

Now let's see how to pump up the neck with additional ammunition.For this you need a ring from the bar or dumbbells.Beginners should start with a small mass, gradually increasing it.Doing exercises with a load can be lying down, sitting or standing.To work in the last position you need a long strap to be worn on the head, and which will be attached load.Now try to pick it up.Move with only the shoulders and head.It is more convenient to do this exercise lying down.To do this, you can just put the weight on the forehead, and then raise and lower the head.

If you do not know how to pump up the neck weights, do this exercise: lift the arms with dumbbells parallel to the floor and produce their flexion-extension.In addition, you can pull the shells to the chin in a standing position.Elbows while divorced in hand, shoulders lifted.Any lifting of the bar with her head institution contributes to a beautiful powerful neck.

Note that too much strain muscles can not, therefore Train no more than 3 times a week.Do not forget that you need to perform a few exercises on several approaches, among whom should be rest.Now you know how to pump up the neck at home independently, effectively and safely.