What is the object of the crime

Under the object of the crime to understand the attitude of the public, is under the protection of the currently valid criminal law, a criminal act which somehow does some damage, or simply threatens.

concept of an object crime

The Criminal Code lists the possible object of the crime.At the top of the list put the most important object - the rights and freedoms of all people.This list can not be called stable, as it often changes.The changes largely depend on the social and economic relations that exist in the country at the time.Of course, society is developing, which means that there are new groups of public relations, which should be regulated by criminal law.It is also worth mentioning that from time to time there is decriminalization of acts attributable to earlier criminal.

object crime must be studied primarily for the reason that it is an important element of the offense.This means that before you accuse a man of something, you need to install it, how public relations he has harmed his act.The object of the crime is not - and is not a criminal case.It is worth noting that it allows you to share a similar crime.

Generally, you must understand that the severity of the offense depends on the importance of its subject.As an example is the fact that the death penalty can be applied only for a crime that was committed against a person.

object of the crime is often confused with the subject.What is the subject of a crime?This is the same property over which a person has committed a particular act.As an example is the situation where the object of the crime - is the ratio of the property, and subject - old vase.During the commission of a crime in some public relations still harmed, but the subject may not be affected at all.It should not be confused with the victims, as the latter can only be a person.

There is a division of objects of crime.In its basis - the circle of social relations affected by the acts committed.The object of the crime can be:

- directly;

- species;

- generic;

- general.

shared object - a collection of all of the social relations under the protection of the criminal law.Under the generic understand social relations of one kind, in a determined relationship with each other and suffering from attacks of similar crimes.This object - a criterion for the division of the Special Part of the existing Criminal Code.

species object of the crime - is not nothing but a collection of identical and similar public relations, belonging to the same species.Here, if a public relations harmed, suffer from it, and others.Examples include the fact that, encroaching on human health, criminal anyway encroaches on his life, and vice versa.This object of the crime - the basis of division into chapters of the current Criminal Code.

last is a direct object.It refers to specific relationships that are harmful.He - is the foundation of the division of the Criminal Code articles.The direct object can be the main or additional.In the first case, the content must match the content of the generic object, the second - the offense is not directed at the main subject, but it touches, causing some damage.

The object of the crime (ie direct) may also be optional.In this case, the harm is done to public relations, which is not mentioned in the article under consideration.