The great illusionist Harry Houdini

Probably in the world there is no man who does not know the name of the great American Harry Houdini (1874 - 1926), a man capable of escape from all the shackles and go through any door.

According Houdini himself, he became interested in tricks at age six and began to penetrate the closed cabinet, where his mother was holding cakes.Pies disappeared and cabinet lock remained closed.Since then, and for life Houdini became interested in the device locks and ways of opening.

With 9 years Harry began publicly card tricks in the entertainment business, and soon the boy surprised skills coaching director of the circus took it to work.Harry tied ropes quickly freed from the shackles, or suspended by the feet upside down, the needles collected from the floor ... for centuries.Sometimes he was forced to play the role of a man caught in the jungle, he growled, and ate raw meat in front of a passing cell public.

Early in his career Houdini basically puts number of self-liberation from the handcuffs and out of the water tank.For marketing purposes, Harry practiced stunts that could be witnessed by spectators in droves.More than once he took off his handcuffs and locked out of all prison cells constipation, meeting an enthusiastic crowd of journalists.Once he was suspended in a bag to the ledge of a skyscraper, but successfully freed.Another time, Houdini passed in front of a plurality of viewers through a brick wall.In 1903 he was thrown from a bridge into the Thames handcuffed and shackled with a 30-pound ball, but came up a few minutes later, waving handcuffs.

Coming up their tricks, illusionist perfectly studied design of various castles and locks, besides, he has invented a miniature skeleton key that was able to skillfully hide the body.In addition, through continuous special training, he learned to do with my body all or almost all that he pleases: folded in half, significantly increase or decrease the amount of muscle and even bone shift in joints.

C age given Houdini tricks more difficult, and even after successful performances he often found himself in the hospital.Since 1910, he became the star in a movie.In the same year, Harry put the number of release from the crater of the gun for a few seconds before going to work heaves.Intrigued aviation, he bought a plane and made the first flight over Australia.He also became close to former President Theodore Roosevelt.There were rumors that Houdini is related to US intelligence agencies and with Scotland Yard.

In 1926, Houdini's tour in Montreal.During a break in one of his speeches to the magician came three students who were interested in whether Houdini withstand any shocks.Harry replied that he could, but he must first prepare.Then one of the students suddenly struck him several hard blows to the stomach.After the departure of students Houdini felt severe pain in the abdomen, and after a few days he became very ill: his fists curious student of maestro damage internal organs.Three days later, Houdini was placed in a hospital, and in a week he died.

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