How to choose a costume for spearfishing: reviews of professionals

scuba hunting imply the presence of all necessary equipment and accessories.The most important piece of equipment - a suit for skin diving, the choice of which should be given maximum attention.Bad wetsuit can ruin the impression of spearfishing.

main challenge facing the wetsuit, is to reduce the possible risk of injury to the hunter and reduce the negative effects of water on the body.

well-chosen high quality wetsuit will enable long spearfishing due to heat retention.This is evidenced by reviews of professionals.

Choice suit

Currently, specialty stores offer the maximum variety of models and types of underwater suits oriented functioning under different environmental conditions and different water temperatures.

suit for underwater hunting is such basic types:

  • dry.
  • Semi-dry.
  • wet.

Dry suits

Made of nylon material impregnated with special chemicals.Standard package includes jacket and pants coupled with glue.Often dry suit for skin diving is available as a ready suit. Additionally, the kit includes gloves and boots.

wetsuit supplied sleeve through which you can connect with scuba oxygen tanks, as well as a pair of valves for fighting air.It fully protects the body from the effects of the hunter aquatic environment.But the suit is worn next to the skin is not necessary even special diving underwear underwear.

main disadvantages of using this option, buyers of equipment called excessive bulkiness and a high enough price.However, many underwater hunters dry suits used in shallow water, often in the winter.Semi-dry suits

Made from special material - foam rubber, known as "neoprene".This material is a synthetic rubber, characterized by high water resistance and elasticity.On and off such a suit simply due to lightning zip situated on the part of the back and chest.The correct size semi wetsuit protects against moisture inside.

downside is double-sided rubber, limiting mobility.Hunter (ratings prove it) have to expend more energy as a result he soon gets tired.

Wet suits

It is the most demanded kind of suits at fans of underwater hunting.The name they got for what's inside a person's body is in an aqueous medium, which acts as a heat insulating layer, heat caused by body heat.Neoprene layer of sufficient thickness keeps the water temperature at a stable level for a long time, preventing cooling.The thicker the neoprene, the more effectively it works in the cold water allows more hunting.

are three main types of suits:

  • Monokostyumy.
  • suits with short sleeves and shorts.
  • wet suit, the kit which includes a jacket with a hood and trousers pasted.

As a rule, wetsuits duplicated to ensure high strength material to protect from cuts and fractures.Suit "Bushat" for spearfishing distinctive quality.

Duplication can be either unilateral or bilateral.Unilateral consists in joining the additional neoprene fabric material inside or outside.When duplicating outside the suit is very good at trapping heat, but it is difficult to put on, as evidenced by the review as neoprene sticks to the skin.

Dubbed inside the suit more comfortable to hold, easier to put on, but worse retains heat.Costumes without duplicating - comfortable and flexible, but for a long stay in cold water is not suitable.

thickness of the wetsuit and the water temperature

Before buying a suit should be defined in advance with the place spearfishing and water temperature in these waters.Buy a suit for spearfishing should be strictly correct size, deviation up or down are unacceptable.

The following table illustrates the dependence of the thickness of the layer of neoprene suit temperature aqueous medium to provide a comfortable spearfishing.

temperature aqueous medium

thickness neoprene layer

0-3 ° C

11 mm

4-12 ° C


10-18 ° C


17-23 ° C

5 mm

above 24 ° C


guided by the table below, you need to further consider specific features of each organism, which is confirmed and reviews, as sensitivity to cold at all different.Also, the required thickness of the suit is not determined only by the temperature of water, but also the depth of hunting: the more, the more fat suit required.

should be taken into account and coloring depending on the bottom of the landscape.

Suit for spearfishing (9mm) have to sit tight in the figure.In most cases, manufacturers use a standard line of wetsuits sizes: 48, 50, 54, and others. Just before buying a suit is recommended to try.Not allowed assembly or folds.

Optimum wetsuit

course, be best for each of its type suit, taking into account the individual characteristics.But there are several important parameters that need to be guided in the selection:

  • Design .If the suit is looked with a thickness of 3 mm, it is recommended to choose a full, not shortened.Optimally, the lightning was from the back.Additional heat will ensure a high collar.Costumes for spearfishing "Gar" like many.
  • thickness. It should be determined by the temperature of the water environment and the individual response of the cold.
  • Neoprene .It is better to choose the material, foam gas.Despite the higher price, it is much stronger and last longer.
  • seams .Experienced hunters are advised suits, stitched seam "Mauser".It will provide greater strength.

Care wetsuit

Proper care will ensure a long service life.Observe the following basic rules:

  1. After using the suit should be rinsed with clean water.If hunting is conducted in salt water, it is recommended to soak it for a few hours in the water tank.
  2. Store costume for spearfishing (9mm thickness else) should not allowing folding and rolling.
  3. All cuts and gaps must be carefully sealed.
  4. Neoprene requires constant care, otherwise microscopic pores stick together.
  5. not allowed prolonged exposure of neoprene products in the cold.

Additional equipment

addition to the suit, each underwater hunters need a set of equipment including fins, a respiratory mask with snorkel, weight belt and a speargun.

All lovers of diving buy costumes for spearfishing.Reviews leave all sorts.Leading manufacturing company are suits Arena and Speedo.You must take responsibility for the choice of the "outfit".The quality depends not only on the catch, but the life of a submariner.The main thing that a suit was not defective and perfectly sitting on a figure.

to store clothing special place not to damage the material.The only way you will be able to use the suit a long period of time.It is best to buy all the accessories from the same manufacturer.