10 the oldest trees in the world, which is time to see

10 trees in the world, which have become real relics.

1. Oak Robin Hood

Where: UK

Sherwood forest exists not only in the legends of Robin Hood - you can walk through it in reality.Including stand under an oak (pictured), where the famous bandit was hiding.

2. Cypress Pushkin

Where: Crimea

Remembering life in Gurzuf, Pushkin wrote Delvig: "A stone's throw from the house grew a young fir tree, every morning I visited him and attached to him feeling like a fellowship."The cypress is still standing in the same place.

3. Tree Abraham

Where: Palestine

This tree no longer turn green even in the 90s of the last century, but no one raised a hand to touch dry trunk - we are talking about the oak, which, according to legendAbraham were three angels.A few years ago, it gave a new escape.

4. Peter the Great Oak

Where: Russia

Oak planted by Peter I, until recently, could be seen on Stone Island.Ten years ago, dried tree cut down and put in his place a young oak.

5. Banyan Buddha

Where: India

Buddha's name is closely associated with trees, mainly considered the Bodhi tree - banyan tree under which he attained enlightenment.To see it, the pilgrims gather in the Indian town of Bodhgaya, even though everyone knows that this tree - a descendant of "that."

6. Oak Lermontov

Where: Russia

in Tarkhany, where he spent his childhood Mikhail Lermontov, has oak, which, according to legend, the poet himself planted.Wood died from the storm in 1995, but retained its trunk.

7. Burning Bush

Where: Egypt

At the foot of Mount Sinai, is the monastery of St. Catherine.Another name - the monastery burning bush - this place is named after the bramble growing here, as described in the Old Testament.

8. Blackthorn St. Joseph

Where: UK

little light on these trees as the Glastonbury thorn that would be revered as a symbol of a kingdom.Planted it, according to tradition, St. Joseph of Arimathea, a secret disciple of Christ and the Holy Grail guardian.In 2010, the Vandals, which was never found and destroyed ancient thorns.

9. Oak Wilhelm

Where: France

This tree was four centuries ago ... Christian church.Oak Chapel - a place of pilgrimage, and the most famous man, rests near the oak, it was, according to legend, by William the Conqueror.

10. «Tree of Adam»

Where: Iraq

legendary "tree of Adam" once stood in the gardens of Eden, can be seen today.It jujube tree, which really gives fruits like apples."The Tree of Adam" has long dried up, although there are a number of young offspring.

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