How to choose the shape of eyebrows?

Beautiful well-groomed eyebrows are a major factor in the correct makeup.Not all women are endowed by nature with beautiful, suitable to the shape of the face, eyebrows.For them to take care of: tweeze regularly combing, install and adjust.

Shape eyebrows - individual approach

brow shape should be selected to form a face.This will make eyes expressive makeup and modify.

- round face. most suitable shape - broken.Eyebrows should be lifted high and with a short tip.Do not make a sharp bend eyebrow, it will only emphasize the roundness of the face.Round eyebrows that echo the shape of the face is also not recommended.

- oval face. In this case, the perfect straight horizontal line.They can be almost round.Keep brows located remotely from the bridge.Do not make a high arc.

- Triangular face.Here it is recommended to eyebrows slightly raised.The curved shape of the average length is perfect for this type of person.Not suitable direct form.

- square face. Long curved arched eyebrows - what you need.Do not forget that they must be raised high.Do not thin eyebrows, they are contraindicated for your type of person.

Attention! When you adjust brow - tweeze hairs only at the bottom line.The follicles of the upper hairs more active and large.After removal, they will become very visible, that does not look aesthetically pleasing.

Secrets of manicured eyebrows

Also correctly selected the shape and regular adjustment, eyebrows need daily care.A few simple secrets to help make your eyebrows the height of perfection.

1. Brush for eyebrows. recommended daily combing his eyebrows special brush.With it, the hairs will fall the way you want.Wet the brush in the facility, which stimulates hair growth: castor or olive oil, glycerin and others.

2. Make styling. To keep in shape, cover the hair lacquer or hair gel.

3. Massage. Tweaks, point pressure and vibration perfectly enhance eye health.Massage should be done for the eyebrows, going from the nose to the temples.

4. packs. Beauty takes time and patience.Compresses stimulate hair growth.Compress from vegetable oil: soak a cotton swab in warm oil and then attach it to the eyebrows for 5-10 minutes.

5. Cosmetics. Eyebrow pencil must be well sharpened, and the color should be chosen to natural (darker on the two-tone).Draw small strishkami - it will give naturalness.

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