High blood pressure in men: Causes, symptoms.

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Everyone knows that it is men - is the stronger sex.Men must protect and defend the girls.However, they are also vulnerable in terms of health, as well as women.In this article I want to address the root causes of high pressure in men, the symptoms of this condition and ways of getting rid of this problem.


By what indicators can be understood that the man raised blood pressure?

  1. Redness.This is because the blood vessels that are close to the skin are expanded to activate the blood stream.The most common high-pressure red face, neck.
  2. headaches, tinnitus, dizziness.Pain in this case will be concentrated in the occipital and temporal area of ​​the head.The nature of pain - throbbing.
  3. Slightly reduced visual acuity.Quite often there are flies before his eyes.
  4. A person may appear shortness of breath, sweating also increases.
  5. Often there is memory loss, mental activity.Man gets tired quickly.
  6. patient may become anxiety, irritability.

These are the main factors that may indicate that men have high blood pressure.

Cause 1. Power

The result is that there is high blood pressure in men?The reasons may be diverse.However, this often leads to an unhealthy diet.To avoid problems with irregular blood pressure, it is necessary to abandon the excessive salt intake.After all the food product increases the stress on the blood vessels.It is also very harmful are salting, smoking, fast food, a variety of mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup, cheese and red caviar.As a precaution have to give up consumption of beverages such as tea with lemon, fruit drinks, and fortified wines are dry.

Cause 2. Bad habits

What could be the causes of high pressure in men after 30 years?This is still a fairly young age, boys often have bad habits.Most often it is smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.Not surprisingly, such a lifestyle affects their health, especially in the cardiovascular system.For example, during a hangover, when the body is actively fighting the decay products of alcohol, not only over-loaded with the brain, but also worsens the condition of blood vessels.Tobacco smoke is inhaled both active and passive smokers also have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system of the body men, destroying it.Consequently often increased blood pressure.If this is not to fight, jump performance will occur with surprising regularity.

Reason 3. Overweight

can occur even when the high pressure in men?The reasons may be lurking in excess weight.That is the conclusion drawn by researchers.They say that if the waist by men more than 120 cm (the so-called abdominal obesity), a person is at risk.Most often it is such people are diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Reason 4. Diseases

due to high pressure in men after age 40 may be hiding in a variety of diseases that can affect other organs and systems.Most often these include kidney disease - pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, urolithiasis.In this case, the patient is prescribed the hormone aldosterone in the analysis.It is responsible for normalizing the blood pressure of a person.

Reason 5. Medications

due to high pressure in young men can be also connected with the reception of certain medicinal products.This condition in this case - a side effect of their work.This may be by means of cold, cold, in some cases - sedatives.However, most often this results in hormonal drugs.

Other reasons

Why else is high blood pressure in men?The reasons may be somewhat different than described above.

  1. stress load, constant emotional stress.
  2. Increased adrenaline in the blood.
  3. Neglect of physical activity.Sedentary work can also give rise to various problems with the vessels.
  4. Hormonal disruptions.
  5. Trauma or inflammation of the central nervous system.

Risk Factors

examined the reasons for the high pressure in men, it must be said that there is a risk group, which includes representatives of the stronger sex, who are more exposed to the rest of the emergence of this problem.In this case, it often goes on:

  1. bad habits.If a person who abuses alcohol or smokes a lot, are no jumps in blood pressure is very high probability that the problem will soon arise.
  2. Heredity.If the men in the family were people with such problems, it is quite possible that it will also affect these diseases.
  3. Age.If the man is over 40, hypertension can be associated only with the age of the patient.For vessels gradually aging, which leads to a pressure surge.
  4. production factors.It is proved that men who work in conditions of strong noise and vibration, more likely to suffer from high blood pressure.Also, this problem often occurs in those who are sedentary.

the normalization

understand which symptoms are accompanied by high blood pressure in men, its causes, it is necessary to tell and how to cope with this problem.

  1. Hiking.Walking helps the heart to receive supplemental oxygen.Thus, it is necessary to walk at least 30 minutes per day.It is recommended to gradually increase the pace of walking.
  2. Deep breathing also helps regulate blood pressure jumps.
  3. should eat potassium-rich foods.This is bananas, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, raisins, etc.It should also be possible to give up salty foods.
  4. good helper - dark chocolate, in fact in its composition has flavonoids, active substances that make human blood vessels more elastic and flexible.
  5. should also regulate the admission of certain beverages.Coffee is better to drink decaffeinated (it increases blood pressure), it is recommended to consume herbal teas, juices.
  6. necessary to give the body a rest break.This is especially true of those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.Periodically, at least every half hour, to get up, do a little exercise, to warm up.This improves the circulation and normalizes blood pressure.


examined the reasons for the high pressure in men 60 years of age, 40, 30 and in a very young age, I want to also talk about how we can help themselves.So, for the normalization of pressure, you can use the following drugs:

  1. blockers.Names of the preparations: "metoprolol", "Nebivalol" "carvedilol."
  2. calcium channel antagonists, which are cleaned and dilates blood vessels.These are drugs like "Verapamil", "Nifecard."
  3. synthetic elements inhibitors - ACE.These are drugs like "Fazinopril", "charter".

Sometimes doctors can work together with these drugs to prescribe diuretics (eg, "Furosemide").However, before taking all these drugs be sure to consult with your doctor.After all, only an expert can make a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.Self-medication can lead to irreversible consequences.

Possible complications

must say that you need to treat high blood pressure immediately after the first symptoms.Otherwise there can be complications.For example, disruption of normal blood flow (including hypertension) frequently causes claudication.Also, this condition affects the brain.Hypertension, which is not treated for a long time, is fraught with hemorrhages in the retina of the eye (as a consequence - loss of vision).In severe cases, this condition can lead to death.