What is the average salary of nurses in Russia?

second most important man after the doctor, which is increasingly dependent not only comfort, but also the course of the patient's recovery - is a nurse.Requirements for health workers at this level not only identical requirements for doctors, but also places a lot tougher.There are not only professional quality expert, and personal characteristics.Consider the question, what is the salary of nurses and what features mean the profession.

nurse - who is it?

nurse, in fact, is a member of the medical staff or junior secondary level.Employees in this category belongs to the younger niche specialist in accordance with the entry in the diploma.Nurses and nurse assistants are the doctors and perform all their instructions.Previously, in order to take the post of a nurse, did not need any special education, today, a document confirming the skills of workers, is a prerequisite.If the doctor is responsible for the appointment of an integrated treatment of the patient, the nurse - a staff member medical institution which implements the places and places and monitors the treatment process with the parallel provision of optimal conditions for recovery for each patient.

A variety of responsibilities and the average wage in the country

Responsibilities specialist depend on the specifics of its activities.Employees carry out the treatment room sterilization of instruments and perform the procedure prescribed by the attending physician.It can be as injections and drip collecting biological material for testing.Operating nurse salary is not much different from members of the profession who have other duties, help the surgeon during the operation.It is responsible for the preparation of surgical tools, bandages and sutures.The local expert helps local doctor to admit patients taking part in the preventive procedures and conducts treatments at home, in accordance with the requirements of the doctor.The only drawback of this profession is that wages are not very high.The average salary of nurses in Russia corresponds to 20 thousand rubles.

Remuneration of nurses in the Russian regions

nurse salary varies depending on regions of Russia.Monitoring wage junior medical sector showed the following results:

  • remuneration of medical personnel in the Moscow region corresponds to 29 983 rubles.
  • Republic of Buryatia - 27 701 rubles.Employees of scarce specialties has been allocated from the budget of the republic of 5 million rubles.
  • Karelia - 25 thousand rubles.
  • Severodvinsk area - 22 964 rubles.
  • Leningrad region - 24 014 rubles.The region has introduced lump sum payments to secure the junior medical staff in the workplace in the amount of 15 thousand rubles.
  • Mordovia nurse salary is 22,115 rubles.
  • Tyumen region - 22 thousand rubles.
  • Vladimir region - 21 500 rubles.
  • Primorye Territory - 21 375 rubles.
  • Khabarovsk Territory - 21 143 rubles.
  • Krasnodar region - 20 409 rubles.
  • Sakha - 20 thousand rubles.

These data are relevant to beat the end of 2014.

lowest wages in the Russian regions

Pursuing research question, what the salary of the nurse, the fund "Health" published the results of these studies.If the national average, as mentioned above, the level of wages of nurses is 20 thousand rubles, that is, and the regions where wages even lower.Less likely get younger medical personnel in areas such as the Tambov and Yaroslavl, Astrakhan and Kemerovo, Ulyanovsk and Ivanovo.Not spoiled wages nurses working in the Krasnodar Territory and Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria.According to the director of the fund "Health" Eduard Gavrilov, in some of these areas of industry employees receive at the hands clean to 83.3% of the official salary.

Where in Russia is the highest wages of nurses?

highest salary nurse in Moscow, St. Petersburg, in Moscow, in Yakutia, in Yamalo-Nenets in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.In particular, in the capital, among 100 respondents nurses salary of 50 thousand rubles, and more than 10.6%.From 40 to 50 thousand rubles, receive no more than 2.1%.Procedure 40.4% of junior medical staff talking about their pay at a rate of 20 to 40 thousand rubles.Specialists who got an average salary of nurses in the country in the amount of 20 thousand rubles and less gathered about 46.2% of all respondents.

percentage of combining and features

conducted test results showed that younger health workers to provide a decent standard of living, should not work in the same place and at the same time a few (2-3 works).OFFICE takes about 30 - 40% of all respondents in the Moscow region and St. Petersburg.The trend is particularly pronounced in regions where salaries nurse in the clinic is the lowest in the country.In Astrakhan, Sverdlovsk and Kemerovo regions moonlighting practice about 80% of junior medical staff.The survey, conducted by representatives of the Foundation "Health", was attended by 4689 people, of which 703 people - a junior medical staff.The monitoring was conducted in 774 settlements in 47 regions of Russia.According to official data, today the average salary of nurses in Russia is 24 102 rubles.Respondents worker industry is constantly celebrated excessively heavy loads that they have to endure.The only good news is that in his May speech, Putin focused on bringing the wages and doctors and nurses up to 200% of the amount which is equal to the average salary of a nurse today, already by 2018.

Remuneration of nurses in the Crimea

in Crimea at this young medical worker as the head nurse, the salary does not exceed the average, and in some places, and the minimum wage.It is 20 thousand rubles.This information was provided in a statement Alexander Mogilevsky, served as Minister of Health of the Crimea.From his words it became known that the peninsula employs about 11 thousand nurses.When it is a need for specialists in outpatient care is about 3-3.5 thousand frames.The minister said the reason for the lack of specialists is not low wages nurse in the Crimea, and the line at the health care institutions of the peninsula.

What are the plans of the government in terms of the employee's salary the healthcare industry in the Crimea?

Crimean district nurse whose salary is currently in the range of 20 thousand rubles, can count on the increase according to the official statements of the government by the end of 2015.In accordance with the budget RBC level of wages should increase at exactly twice.The first increase was recorded in 2014.At that time, instead of the usual 10.6 thousand rubles Nurses received within 20.6 thousand rubles.The trend towards an increase in wages in the Crimea is marked among all public sector employees.

What to expect in the future?

At the moment, the Russian medical industry is in permanent decline.Despite the seriousness of the labor of physicians, their wage level is almost the lowest in the public sector.First dynamics of growth in this segment was recorded in early 2012.At this time, the president signed a decree that addresses the financial issues in the healthcare industry.In accordance with the decree, the salary of a nurse in Moscow, in any other region of the country, during 2013 was increased by about 24%.In 2014, according to official data presented, salaries of medical professionals has increased by 13% compared to last year.By the end of 2015, physicians can expect to increase wages by 17%.The economic situation in the country radically undermined the government's plans, but did not become the cause of their failure.Will the government provide the optimum level of wages of employees of medical direction, will show only real increase in fees.

What measures the government to increase wages junior medical staff?

considering the question of what kind of salary of the nurses in Russia, unwittingly, we note that despite the seriousness of the profession, heavy loads and level of responsibility, it is almost the smallest in the public sector.The Russian government actively seeks to raise wages and primarily used for this purpose, compulsory health insurance.The current increase in wages - is nothing more than one of the stages of a complex plan of the government, according to which will be raised wages in general in the public sector to the optimum level.If the trend of growth of wages of doctors persist, and the government will continue to adhere to its policy in this direction, then in the end of 2018 health professionals junior level will receive 40 thousand rubles and more.A clear proof of the implementation of the presidential decree on increase of salaries of nurses and other skilled areas of the budget was the amount of 100 billion rubles, which was allocated from the budget for the implementation of this task and to accelerate the achievement of the goal.