Curling hair, which she twists her hair.

About chic curls dreams every modern woman.But not so easy to make them yourself using conventional curlers or tongs.Especially for this purpose has been developed innovative curling hair, which she twists her hair.Its characteristics and methods of application, you will learn from this article.

curling hair, which she twists her hair - an innovation in the field of beauty

few years ago about the device, which itself will style your hair in flowing curls, could only dream of.After all, before women had to be laid to sleep with sound around curlers or resort to chemical wave, which is very spoiled hair.But these problems are in the past, since replaced by known means come Curling BaByliss Perfect, designed to create a stunning image.

This innovative invention owes its existence to the American manufacturer of hair iron.However, at the moment you can buy not only the original but also cheaper Chinese styler.Reviews prove that the difference in their quality is not as obvious as the difference in price and availability.

Curling "Bebilis" became a favorite of thousands of women worldwide.For now make "Hollywood" hair can be at home and not spend money on expensive beauty salons.In addition, this device can be a wonderful gift for any woman who wants to always look perfect.

Suitable for automatic curling?

device is designed taking into account the individual characteristics of modern women.In other words, they may use the winner shag almost any length, which can be put in curls.However, according to the instructions, the maximum capture curling reaches 65 cm. Therefore, owner very long hair can be curled ends only.

Fearlessly can use curling and women with damaged and colored hair.After the instrument has a special protection system.That allows it to stay cool hair and not spoil them while creating curls.However, according to the professionals, before the procedure is better to use a balm or a mask.This creates an additional layer of thermal protection.

Features curling BaByliss

This unique device designed to automatically create a luxurious curly locks.This woman does not need to adjust their shape and length, because curling BaByliss Curl Perfect to do it herself.

The device also has a function of selecting the direction and form of future locks equipped with a special sensor timing.Thus, the strand will form 8-12 seconds, depending on the thickness, length, and bend.This creates a very natural appearance that does not look like an outdated or incorrect perm curlers curled.

Comfortable handle the device does not weigh it, which allows you to create your own hairstyle, even on the back of the head.In addition, if you for some reason forgot to turn off the curling iron, it will stop automatically after 50 minutes to warm up.This feature is very convenient for those who constantly forgets included in appliance.

How to use curling irons BaByliss?Create

hair with automatic curling can even novice.At the same time it is not necessary to be a qualified hairdresser or fashion stylist.So, in order to create natural flowing hair, do the following.

  1. Wash hair with shampoo and apply your favorite balm.This will help further protect hair from heat.
  2. dry your hair naturally or with a hair dryer.
  3. Enable curling into the socket and adjust the temperature sensors, time to put the future shape and direction of the curl.Wait until the warning signal that the unit is ready for operation.
  4. Highlight strand stab remaining hair.Lay it in automatic curling at the point where it will start a wave.Click on the unit until it clicks.
  5. holding the end of a lock, pull the curling towards the ends, guided by signals.Each signal indicates the completion of one revolution of the curl.The work will be completed when the subsequent multiple intermittent sounds.
  6. follow the procedure with all the strands and fix the result of persistent hairspray.

As you can see, the process of creating an elegant hairstyle is quite simple.After curling hair, which she twists her hair, she will tell you how and in which direction to move.At the same time it does not matter what your hair - smooth or porous, long or short, straight or curly.The device is able to cope with even the most unruly hair.

Care automatic curling

As with any appliance, curling irons require care.According to the manufacturer, it is enough just to clean the camera, through which strands.For this purpose, the kit includes a special device with fuzzy roller.Even clean hair constitute accumulation on the walls of the device, whereby it can become less effective and responsive as when buying.

In addition, to avoid overheating of the mechanism and not to use it more than an hour.If you do not have time to do my hair in that time, then wait 15 minutes before turning the curling iron in the socket again.However, experience shows that women around the world creating hairstyles with automatic Styler does not take more than 20-30 minutes.

Where to buy?

Today to purchase this unique device can be in many online stores in our country.At the same time we have the opportunity to select the optimal method of payment and delivery.However, the best purchase can only be made on the official website of the manufacturer, a service that gives a guarantee on the instrument.

In addition, according to consumers, it is a good analogue automatic curling can be bought on Chinese exchanges.Such a purchase will be cheaper and will assess all the benefits of a home beauty salon.

How much is automatic curling?

cost curling irons varies from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles in the Russian Internet shops.It should be borne in mind that retailers often do unmotivated margin on the goods, which can be purchased much cheaper.For example, the Chinese unit will cost 500-700 rubles.For that amount you get almost the same styler.However, such a purchase would not be accompanied by the warranty card, and in case of failure, you can not get your money back.

reviews of real customers about automatic curling

judge the quality of a product can be solely on the opinion of those who have managed to assess its effectiveness and build quality.Automatic curling, the price of which is quite democratic, managed to gain credibility with women around the world.

Positive feedback on its effectiveness prove that it is now possible to create a very beautiful hair in minutes.At the same time, according to consumers, a home beauty salon saves money.

Women also noted that after the use of curling hair does not spoil.On the contrary, they have a live shine by careful application of heat through a special protective layer.And to create the ability to keep hair on the hair in its original form to a few days.

negative feedback on the device can be found by those who have not acquired it directly from the manufacturer, but through intermediaries.Often such goods come defective or inoperative.Furthermore, the market often counterfeits.So before you buy be sure to check the condition of the device and the degree of heat.

curling hair, which she twists her hair certainly deserves attention.After all, this unique and innovative tool makes life easier for any self-respecting woman.