How to file your nails to make them beautiful and healthy?

Nails require regular attention to itself.They need to be cut and rasp, creams nourish and paint.If necessary - to treat.And, it turns out, there are people who do not know how to file nails.But this process consists of several stages.

Home - in a choice of nail files

not buy metal.They scratched with a fingernail, making last stratified.

best option is one that has a diamond or sapphire coating.This nail file will not harm the nail plate.

the question of its form: often become rectangular.However, in order to round out the nails or cut down their corners, nail file handy, shaped like a banana.Only with its help be able to achieve the desired specific woman form of nails, sawed them, not to harm them.

If they sawed only natural nails, a woman should have an abrasive layer consisting of very small grains.Those that are larger are for naroshchennyh.Rigidity is always indicated on the most nail file.The higher the number, the softer it acts on the nail plate.Weak nails required those having values ​​of 3 or 4 hundreds.A Naroscheny nails rasp nail file with a value of hardness less than one hundred.

process of filing

In order to understand how to file your nails beautifully and thus keep them healthy, you need to remember the correct sequence of actions.

The first step will be the preparation.Hands must be clean and dry well.Remove the nails old paint, clean the space beneath them.Then wait for the moment when the nails will become hard again.It usually takes only a few minutes.

The second stage is to cut your nails.The cut edge should be sharp corners.That is unable to perform the task of how to file your nails and stratify them.If they do not leave, there is nothing to be removed in the next step.

third stage - is the very filing.For maximum convenience, experts recommend to put your hands on a flat surface.So it is best to be able to cope with the process and understand how to file nails.

Then you need to take a nail file and polish the sharp edge.A large load must fall on the middle of the nail.On each side they are much thinner.Therefore, there is only need to polish lightly touch.Professionals do not advise to carry out filing more than once a week, so as not to weaken the nail plate.

fourth stage will be polished.It is worth noting that it replaces varnish.Therefore, if you plan to use it, this step is skipped.

you need special nail file, which you want to spend on the surface of the nail horizontally.Movement does not repeat more than three times.Then take the flat side of the tool and treat nail it.Again, the number of taps should not exceed three.

to combine treatment with recuperation in this action, you can drop of essential oil on each nail and then start polishing.

fifth stage is powered nail and skin around it.This step is important for those who are concerned about the question of how to file nails to keep them beautiful and healthy.A special cream that moisturizes and give food, you need to rub into the area around the nail.

How to apply nail polish?

So to cover possible deficiencies.Uneven nails require that nail was without nacre.Under him it is necessary to apply the foundation.And the nail should be saturated hue.

If the nail plate is very wide, the dark color will help to narrow it visually.In short nails looks favorably light varnish, because it pulls them visually.

order not to attract attention to damaged nails, you need to use a colorless varnish, which has also healing properties.

what form to give your nails?

From this point you need to decide before the correct file nails.Here is a close look at the hand and objectively assess their strengths and weaknesses.

If they are long and elegant, the choice is simple.The shape may be any depending on the condition and desires of nails women.But for plump handles better to choose oval or almond-shaped.

main forms of their features are described in the table below.There you are, and recommendations for their use.

Form nail Features When used, what effect can be achieved
oval is basic, it does not require frequent filing used on short nails and gives handselegance
square forms a substantially right angles to the lateral boundaries of the nail visually shorten the long fingers
square-oval (semi-oval) It is not oval, but not square is idealsolutions for a wide nails, gives shade aristocracy
round has a curved edge than the oval Also appropriate for short marigolds
almond even more curved oval, requires very carefulFiling Adds a touch of drama
triangular Not a bending used those increases nails

How to give shape nails using nail file?

basic rule: to move from the edge to the middle, and always in that direction.

If there is a question about how to file the square nails, the nail file is required to keep straight.

To create a nail with a rounded view, it is desirable to use the tool, which itself is slightly curved.At the same time move the nail file is necessary for the natural curvature.

Triangular obtained from a completely smooth cutting of the nail at each end.This procedure makes them very fragile.Therefore, use this form often not recommended.

few tips

nails will not break if you choose to have a square shape.It is the most reliable.

Even strong nails may be affected and begin to exfoliate from the frequent filing.This procedure is not necessary to do more than once a week.

to the foliation can cause damp and filing nails.It is better to wait for them to dry, than to treat.