Driving gear KAMAZ: features and recommendations

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Feature driving Kamaz is that it supports the gearbox, to control which requires additional knowledge and skills.Driving gear box model in KamAZ ZF-9S has a singularity: Riding carried out mainly in low gear.It allows the car to move large loads at optimal speed.

device transmission

Most models KamAZ have a 5-speed manual transmission.The speed is controlled by operating a clutch pedal.Given that a vehicle for freight traffic and initially has a large mass, shifting gears on KamAZe carried out in several stages.There are two modes of operation of the box: primary (H) and secondary (B).The switch between the lever is located on the shift knob.To ride lite mode it should be in the lowered position, the movement is carried out with the load by raising the lever.

Getting Traffic

Accelerates carried out on the low gear.Switching is carried out only with the clutch disengaged.Driving gear box ZF KAMAZ involves switching in several stages.This is expressed in the features of upshifts and downshifts.So, the car can quickly move through the different types of road surface.The optimal scheme is considered 1B-2B-3B in the first stage, 4H-4B-5H during the subsequent movement.Based on this scheme, you need to get under way with the first downshift, t. E. To change the position of the lever at the checkpoint did not need to 4th gear.To the car started, it is necessary to bring the engine speed to 7000 rpm.The second gear is engaged by adjusting the speed to 3000 rpm (number 3 on the tachometer).

It should be noted that the work of the crankshaft in the KAMAZ trucks plays a key role.If the time to shift gears, it is possible to significantly reduce fuel consumption and to ensure efficient operation of the engine without significant downtime.

Features gear when maneuvering

Movement KAMAZ downhill should be on overdrive.Switching from the first to the second transmission is performed by squeezing the double clutch.This should be carried out one-time pressing of the pedal supplying fuel to stabilize the operation of the crankshaft.It is not recommended to lower the engine speed below 2 million when driving uphill.This, on the one hand, can contribute to jamming of the engine and the other - of its operating temperature can reach a critical point, which will bring the motor out of operation.This is the feature

drive KamAZ.Transmission, switching circuit which has been well studied and is performed in a manner different directional stability.The basic meaning of the separation of its 2 modes - facilitating the work of the engine when driving cars with different masses.Starting on a KamAZ loaded (or trailer) is carried out at a higher gear with the engine speed of 2600 rpm.

Features motion on slopes and icy roads

on steep slopes do not turn off the engine.This can lead to the fact that the wheel of the car is locked, ie. A. The electric power steering is not active.The brake system of the machine has a double gain - in addition to the engine braking there is a support system stops the engine.When driving downhill with the active additional braking do not turn off the clutch and change gears.Thus, the circuit transmission KAMAZ transmissions ZF models, and DT is performed in non-traditional form.For example, it is possible to allocate the maximum load on the active parts of the transmission.This makes it possible to go down to the lift without damaging the engine (even at maximum load).

Driving on a slippery road is carried out with maximum speed and power reserve.Braking must perform additional active system stops the engine.When emergency braking first stops the wheels of the trailer.This is important to avoid skidding car.In exceptional cases, you can slow down the engine (that is harmful to the motor, but the stopping distance is greatly reduced).You also can not prevent wheelspin.To do this, just include a lower gear, thereby reducing the speed of the crankshaft with respect to the transmission.

Gearbox control in the event of a skid car

basic rule - do not turn off the clutch, if the car off course.Driving gear KAMAZ mechanical transmission the DT is performed so that allows you to move with a maximum power reserve.Such a system is able to stabilize the exchange rate when driving on different road surfaces.For example, in the case of a skid, turn the steering wheel in the direction in which the car pulls.If it so happened that KamAZ stalled, you must immediately stop further movement.The first step is to turn off the bridge differential.The controller is located on the instrument panel.His deactivate pop up a confirmation in the form of a burning light bulb.You need to get a move on with overdrive (the second).After leaving the remote sites need to include the differential again.

final advice

important to monitor the condition of the tachometer.This is not necessary when driving a passenger car.Driving gear Kamaz on all known types of transmissions ensures minimum fuel consumption.In particular, the competent rise or fall under the control of the transfer operation of the crankshaft increases the movement speed of the machine (by maintaining high speed without wasting time on the stabilization of the engine), as well as to reduce the risk of overheating the engine.Overall Gearbox KAMAZ, the method of switching and management features do not differ from those in passenger cars.It is only necessary to remember some of the nuances of the box.