The personal file of the employee.

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employee's personal file - a set of official documents, containing all the necessary information about this employee and the information on all stages of the employment relationship with the employer organization - from reception to discharge.

personal file is put on the leaders, civil servants, professionals and scientists (the rest being private cards).Store it for at least 75 years of record keeping rules.Personal files of employees are recorded in a special journal or ledger and stored in a safe.Making personal file and make the necessary adjustments - the duty of the personnel department.

matter of each employee is stored in a separate folder that has your number with the name and initials, and the date of joining.Personal files of those who fired, pass to the archive institution.

employee's personal file must contain all the information on personnel matters.It does not include documents that are supposed to store 10 years or less.These include: copies of orders on change of surname of the disciplinary action, for the holidays, as well as inquiries about wages or the composition of the family, health and so on. N.

What documents constitute personal matter worker?Consider the mandatory list.

1. Application for admission to this place of employment, the employee shall be written in any form indicating the position and the date of commencement of work.Next initialed by the Chief of Staff and head of the organization.

2. Order (extract) for admission to this post with the necessary particulars - the date of receiving the exact job title, type of work (permanent or temporary, primary or in combination, with a trial period (internship) or without).Be sure to indicate conditions such as irregular or reduced working hours, liability, etc.On the basis of this order, entries are made in the official documents (such as work-book).

3. Order (extract) the dismissal with the obligatory indication of articles of the Labour Code and the reasons for dismissal, citing a statement by the employee, or (at dismissal "under") memo.

4. Personal piece (another form - profile) accounting personnel.To be completed by the applicant when applying for a job, and verified by the responsible employee.It is a list of questions relating to age, education, qualifications, employment history, marital status.Be sure to indicate passport data.Fills in personal form needs on the basis of the available documents (passport, work book) accurately and without corrections.It is pasted picture.

5. A copy of the employment contract (if any).

6. autobiography - written by an employee in any form summary of the main data on the date and place of birth, education, employment history.Other (previous) jobs are listed in chronological order.Typically, states the reason of dismissal from the last post.Not included in the curriculum vitae personal information unrelated to work.

7. In addition, a private matter worker can include abstract (if any).This brief (the size of a single sheet) justification of the applicant to the position (that it gives him the right to apply for the position).The summary indicates education, experience in this or a similar position, the reasons for the desire to take this place (sometimes - the desired level of salary), availability of additional benefits - knowledge of foreign languages ​​and computer driving license, documents of professional development, and so on.. Often the employerrequires you to the main, according to the candidate, traits that are important for future activities (eg, initiative, responsibility, hard work).By its very nature, it is a brief summary of self-promotion.

8. Another private matter contains copies of education certificates, passports, birth certificates for each child, as well as (if applicable) specifications and recommendations from other jobs.

folder with a personal matter must be present inside the inventory of personal documents of the case, reflecting their serial numbers, date of inclusion in the deal.Any changes in the number and composition of the documents are recorded in the notes to this inventory.