How to pay employee With a degree.

staff with advanced degrees - which is very good for any company.However, not all accountants know how necessary to properly pay the premiums for their employees degrees.The salaries of employees in budgetary institutions are not too big, so the supplement for a degree - a great bonus to the basic salary.

Academic qualifications and degrees - a system of qualifications in science and higher education, teaching staff are ranked on the steps of the academic career.Associate Professor - a PhD and professor - doctor of sciences.Involving employees with academic degrees improves the quality of education and expanding research work.Legal advice online will help you understand all the intricacies of the payment of allowances.

order of payments established in the two legal documents - Russian Federal Law "On Higher and Postgraduate Education" and Government Decree "On establishing the percentage of allowances for a degree and (or) academic title."Federal law provides 40% bonus for the position of associate professor and professor of post - 60%.PhD and PhD include allowance of 3000 and 7000, respectively.Government Decree provides premium degrees for law enforcement officers, criminal corrections system, fire service, customs officers, employees of departments to combat drug trafficking, as well as for contract servicemen.Surcharge is considered as a percentage of the salary of military positions and makes - 10% premium for a PhD and docent and a 25% premium for the degree of doctor of sciences and professor.

To get a premium for a degree, you must meet certain requirements.First, the employee must be at the full-time position, and secondly, the establishment of, among other things, should definitely apply to the federal budgetary institutions of science or to the federal supreme, regardless of departmental affiliation, educational institutions.The third condition - academic degree should be provided tariff-qualification requirements.

In 2007, the Ministry of Education said the order allowance.Positions rectors, vice-rectors, heads of educational institutions and graduate school heads were considered administrative and allowances for academic degrees in this case are not provided.For allowance for leadership positions should be fixed teaching hours.Surcharge for a degree is only available in the case of teaching on the profile of a scientific degree.

for accounting academics in addition to the employee's personal card use "Registration card of the employee of scientific and pedagogical work", it is filled with personnel officers on the basis of supporting documents - diplomas and certificates and similar documents.