The term of verification of water meters.

citizens in order to save interested in installing individual instrumentation.The vast majority of users of public services are not faced with unusual situations.However, in particular, the period of verification of water meters is not only a tool of state regulation of the Russian market santehuslug, but also the object of a legal challenge by the population.Unfortunately, the problem of "bottlenecks" and exist in this area of ​​the state regulatory accounting of water consumption.

This article aims to highlight aspects of the service.To bind the utilities choose Moscow with its regulatory field.

Overall view

Whether checking water meters?Of course yes.Its demand amplifies old rusting water pipes, water of poor quality, substandard meters.This procedure (although differently regulated) regulations present in the municipal regulation in different countries.Examples of its precise regulation can serve Germany and the United States.

As is known, the device by which consumers monitor their water consumption, to classify as individual metering devices (IPU).The term is also a synonym will appear in our text.

How is the maintenance of various counters?According to international experience, the annual cycle of their desired service.Regarding the counter before us we can say that it may come even from a technical detail: clogged filters.And they are known, just recommended annually cleaned.

the citizen

To check installed in their home meter citizen turns into a commercial company, admitted to licensing such works.Do not rush to go to those service organizations that precipitated your mailbox with letters (although if you walk along the shortest path, it is also an option).

Frugal people find for themselves the service company with the most democratic rates.This company does not stipulate the possibility of change, and confide counters available (it's cheaper).If you intend to install, ask if the company installs counters, purchased by users.Honor and glory to you, if you choose the company store, based on the configuration of your pipes, meters German firms "ABB", "Zenner-Vodopribor", "Viterra", "Wehrle".This is major league.You can select and Russian (while keeping in mind that it is made by the western license).However, in the latter case it is necessary to ask his inspection period fixed in the instructions.

This (important fact!), You should prepare for the inspection documents for your existing counters.It should carry a registration certificate devices, acts of their commissioning and sealing, preliminary verifications acts.If the document is blank, you can count on additional costs.

the legal aspects of the transaction, we will state our views later.In the meantime, to understand how long the verification of water meters.In ZhEKe you answer without stammering: "For hot water meters - 4 years;cold - 5-6 years. "

Terms verification you forget not give

eve, as a rule, the customer is notified by the management company (as an option - from the housing.) The process is on a strict accounting, because periodic verification of meters is an important revenue items Utilities.This should be taken into account that the calibration of meters of hot water has traditionally produced more often.But in any case, all information on installation, verification, and so on. D. Your device must be submitted by you to the management company and agreed with her.

As mentioned above, just to check you contact the service organization.Not necessarily in business, it is possible in a regional center of metrology and standardization, or Waterworks.If you can not find the artist checks, contact the tip to the management company, which will recommend the appropriate organization.

two types of service companies serving counters

There are two options THEN periodically, every 4-5 years (with it the basis of a period of verification counter of hot water), and permanent (monthly) maintenance.In the first case the payment is made by the consumer upon verification.In the second, it is divided into equal parts and comes with a monthly rent.

Regarding the second option: holding a service of the same name is fixed by the contract.This approach is more in line with technical standards.In this case, the calibration itself is not paid separately by the consumer.In promotional materials exhibition shows the process as a "free checking of water meters."

service companies often practice free stock first verification and installation (that is, in principle, it is advantageous to them and to the consumers), when the customer signs a contract with them for service.What not to do to outdo competitors, discourage consumers from them?

In such circumstances, a temporary service companies are some of the costs paid by the client is guaranteed in the future.However, the subject of our discussion is the periodic maintenance.

Tuk-tuk.I - Monterey

As we mentioned above, the user communicates with the service center by phone or form on the site.If we talk about the issue of the executive, the calibration of meters of hot water as well as cold, in two ways: with the replacement device without it.

important circumstance: the specialists who came to carry out the verification must have a copy of the certificate authorizing them to carry out such work.Its authenticity is verified by a state register of accreditation.

Verification counter without replacing

When "clean calibration" the most convenient and economical for Muscovites is a classic servicing of water meters using a portable calibration unit UPSZH-3 PM.

In practice this is as follows.With the installation of the adapter is connected to the mixer, pre-draining from it in the sink.In limiting the jet of water is measured.Then, at the same timing - on current user meter.Therefore, the permissible deviation - plus or minus 5%.This calibration without removing the water meters, which lasts 30-40 minutes, the most mass.

If individual meters are generally undamaged, requires in-depth examination of his dismount (the client provides another counter temporarily to replace).Mount the device delivered to the laboratory.Estimated time of its verification - two days.Not because of the complexity (the same it takes 30-40 minutes) and because of the presence of substantial quantities of uniform operation and hence sequence.Thus, verification of water meters without removing performed by authorized (licensed) companies.For the consumer, she manages in an amount equal to about one thousand rubles.

Calibration with replacement counter

This type of service, as a rule, is a service company with pre-purchased their individual instrumentation.The cost of such works higher than the previously reviewed the service without removing the meter.Here are the average prices, so states the cold water meter verification is intended or hot.Sample rates of these studies are presented in Table 1.

Table 1. The cost of testing works relatively hot water meters (HVS) in Moscow

type TO

cost of work

Installation of water meters

from 1.5 to 1.8 thousand. rub.

Installation of meters of cold / hot water

by 3.0 thousand. Rubles to 4.5 thousand. Rub.

Verification without removing the water meter

0.95 thousand. Rub.

Calibration with replacement counter

1,6 thous. Rub.

Maintenance counter water

from 0.24 thousand. Rubles to 0.66 thous. Rubles

Legal regulation

If the practical side of the issue is simple and clear, then say so on the legalnot dare.Let's start with the recent history of this service in the white stone (as we shall see below, this is important).Since 2004 and for seven years it has governed the Moscow government decree №77-PP dated 10.02.2004, according to which the period of verification of water meters was determined 5-6 years for cold (depending on the design) and 4 years for the hot water.

This created the most favorable conditions for licensed intermediaries in the market for this service and to raise tariffs.

Then try to change the situation in the direction of democratization of prices for services.Federal Law № 102-FZ "On the Unity of Measurements" section №13 establishes that mezhproverochny interval should be determined by the manufacturer (and it is often more than 4-6 years).The process develops.26.12.2012 The Moscow government removes controversial point of 3.1 Resolution №77-PP new Decree №831-PP "On Amendments ...".Finally, it is said essentially that the period of verification of water meters was tied not to the administrative normative documents and the technical parameters specified in the data sheet unit.However, not all so simple!

position of the prosecutor's office.Restoring the rule of law

This step was forced - under pressure from the Prosecutor's Office have responded to numerous complaints from citizens.The highest authority, supervising the implementation of legislation, found that the above-mentioned paragraph. 3.1 unreasonably setting the frequency of checking water meters, did not comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

This was pointed out in an official letter to the First Deputy.Prosecutor General A. Busman.It is under pressure from the prosecutor's office to resolve conflicts with applicable law, strictly speaking, it adopted a resolution №831-PP.Consumers have complained not only of the invalidity of tariffs, but also the fact that verification of water meters without removing systemic arbitrarily confided intermediaries replaces a more expensive replacement for the defective meter, guaranteed breaks through 3-4 years.

This option market development seriously curtailed the interest of intermediaries, who were able in the period since 2004, "grow" in the operating companies and in ZhEKi.In addition, it is clear that the Decree №831-PP signed by the Government of Moscow forced (with the filing of the Prosecutor's Office), t. E., As they say among the people, "signed with reluctance."Obviously, it is executed with the same "reluctantly."Proof of this can be considered seditious thought the real circumstances set out below.

Position intermediaries

At this stage, the Resolution adopted by Sobyanin, systematically opposes the scheme, which on a visible level, commercial intermediaries are involved, the federal control of the company.

Of course, it has its flaws, but not every citizen has enough money and time to "raise" the issue in the Prosecutor's Office.On this bet.

In the first step of communicating with the consumer operators licensed companies fundamentally deny its effectiveness."This decision does not exist!" - They say, in fact, "the old way" tying term testing of water meters and 4 to 6 years, ie. E. Jakob is in the legal field has canceled Decree.Arguments merchants quite critical: "If it existed, we would know!" Do not you think, dear readers, that the logic of losing advance for any consumer, what resembles a classic example of "Catch-22"?"Kommersant" send "too smart" user advice to the management company.

Position management companies

Next comes into play "player №2» - federal management company.She also "sincerely" as a commercial mediator, "does not know" about the frequency of checking water meters, according to Resolution 328. But unlike Komersant, it has a lever of pressure on the consumer.

We operate with the facts: in this situation, the management company has been in "a fully autonomous mode."Let us see this moment:

  1. fact itself establishes statutory review periods meters (according to his will "reanimate" canceled the norm).
  2. itself organizes monitoring and alerting (using the "help" of commercial intermediaries and ZhEKov).If
  3. expired calibration of the water meter, the Criminal Code punishes itself ruble consumers overdue unlawful manner designated by the inspection period.They are transferred from the individual to obschedomovye metering devices, thus changing the formula notation water flow.(According to the normative (value approximately), 9 m3 per person, based on the number of prescribed persons, regardless of their actual availability.)

Does the company have sufficient control "Reigning" potential for default regulations Decree №831-PP?The question, of course, rhetorical.


the above situation in the capital market verification of its water meters require legal permission from the state.In the language of macroeconomics, the problem is that the market for many suppliers does not arise pure competition, leading to quality service and really the equilibrium price.As it happens for one simple reason: all the organizations working with the state monopoly (management companies), are essentially the same monopoly.

A monopoly behaves adequately in nature - to maximize profit.At the same time the population is suffering.

examples of the most economical options to date verification demonstrates Waterworks.Verification of water meters, carried out by specialists of the enterprise, is two times cheaper than in other licensed suppliers - about 474 rubles.This is a good signal for the market players - to reduce the already high rate of return.

This suggests the need for more active state regulation standards of the super-profits of monopoly, where a crucial role to play in conjunction with the Government of Moscow Prosecutor's Office in the spirit of supervision over the implementation of the Resolution №831-PP.The term of verification of water meters must be installed in accordance with international practice to address this issue not declaratively, and according to the technical instructions.The latter would be logical.