How many you can get pregnant again after a miscarriage?

main natural function of the fairer sex - reproductive.That is why sooner or later, every woman has a maternal instinct and the desire to have offspring.It is worth noting that most of the planned pregnancies ends successfully.However, about 20 women out of 100 are faced with a diagnosis of "missed abortion" or "miscarriage."This article will tell you about how many you can get pregnant after a miscarriage.You will learn the opinions of experts on the subject and will be able to learn about the history of women.Also it is necessary to find out how many days you can get pregnant after a miscarriage, if sexually active without protection.

What is a spontaneous abortion?

Before you know when to become pregnant after a miscarriage, it is worth saying a few words about the process.Spontaneous abortion or natural abortion - this is the cessation of life of the fetus, followed by rejection of its membranes.Most often, this process occurs at a very early period.Many women do not even have time to learn about his new interesting position.

Miscarriage can be complete or partial.In the first case goes completely the whole shell of the ovum, together with accrued endometrium.In this next period may be slightly more abundant than the previous ones.In case of partial abortion in the cavity genitals are some of the fetal membranes.They need to be removed surgically.The most commonly used curettage or vacuum aspiration.

How many you can get pregnant after a miscarriage?

Until now, experts have been unable to reach a consensus on this issue.Some gynecologists say that conception should occur at least six months.Others obstetricians advise to wait with planning at least 18 months.There is also a group of physicians advise women to hurry up with fertilization.Who else is worth listening to?How to be the fairer sex in this situation?After how many months it is possible to get pregnant after a miscarriage?Let's try to sort out this issue in more detail.


six months later, how much can you get pregnant after a miscarriage?Most doctors set the border in six months.It was during this period of hormonal the fairer sex is able to bounce back, it will be able to recover from all of what happened.

doctors also say the interval of six months due to the fact that it was such a period allows a woman to find out the cause of failure.The subsequent correction will help prevent a repetition of the pathological process.Quite often after a failed pregnancy gynecologists prescribed course of the fairer sex taking medication group of oral contraceptives.These medications help to restore menstrual function and temporarily block the ovaries.It is worth noting that during the reception of these means the pregnancy can not.However, after their withdrawal conception occurs in the first few cycles.

Pregnancy more than a year later

how much you can get pregnant after a miscarriage?Reproduction Some insist on a time interval of 12 months.It is precisely this period eliminates all detected pathology and restore women's health.

In most cases, after a failed pregnancy examination is appointed.It consists of standard tests for infection and hormones.Also, the expectant mother is recommended to pass such a diagnosis as hysteroscopy, laparoscopy or metrosalpingography.These studies require the use of anesthesia.During manipulations produce expansion of the cervical canal and examine cavity genitals using special equipment.After such manipulations do not recommend the plan conception for a few months.Otherwise, there is a high risk of recurrence has occurred unpleasant situation.About one and a half years require a woman to go through all of the studies, to receive and implement the correct conclusion.

opinions modern medical

How long can get pregnant after a miscarriage?Despite all the limitations of the previous generation of doctors, young doctors have a slightly different view on this issue.Most experts say that the next step should be conceived as soon as possible.

Studies suggest that women who became pregnant after an average of 3 months after a miscarriage, there is more chance to bear and continue to bear a child.But the fairer sex, who have been waiting for six months, had to work hard over the next conception.They have the pregnancy as soon as 7-10 months.Women who, for whatever reasons, had to postpone the next pregnancy for a year or more increased the risk of ectopic gestational sac and attach the baby is born with abnormalities.

How many pregnant after a miscarriage can be again, if you do not protect themselves?

Many women find that after a miscarriage conception does not come quickly.They are sexually active without contraception, and are confident that they are safe.However, this is completely wrong opinion.

If you had a miscarriage, and the uterus independently freed from the remnants of the ovum, the next conception can occur in the same cycle.All due to the fact that in the early stages of the organism is not yet time to regroup mode pregnancy.Hormonal women undergoing great changes.Disclosure of the follicle and release of an egg can occur within a few days or weeks after a miscarriage.It is worth recalling that this neglect of his health could lead to a repetition of the situation.That is why after the miscarriage is necessary to visit the doctor and find out the reasons why a miscarriage, when you can become pregnant again.

psychological side of the issue

How many you can get pregnant after a miscarriage, you already know.However, not everything turns out as planned.The cause of infertility long after a miscarriage can be covered in the psychological aspect.

Many of the fairer sex voluntarily give up the next conception.They are simply afraid of a repetition of the situation.It is very hard for an expectant mother to survive such loss.However, there are women who are ready for the next planning in the next cycle.However, they are also under the influence of psychological situation, but do not realize it.Obsession with planning could also lead to a prolonged absence of pregnancy.However, it is the woman to distract and relax as once fertilization occurs.If a miscarriage has occurred for a longer period (second trimester), then before the next planning future mother is recommended to consult a psychologist.This will help establish the most emotional background and properly adjust itself to the birth of the baby.

Summary Article

you learned, how many can successfully conceive a child after a miscarriage.It is necessary to say that with this pathology stakivayutsya about 40 percent of women.Some of them are not even aware that they were pregnant.Repeats the situation is only 8-10 percent of cases.This may already be a question of habitual miscarriage.If you are faced with such a diagnosis, it is not necessary as soon as possible to start planning the next conception.First you need to find out the cause of your failure.This will help insure against a repetition of unkempt moment.Successful planning your pregnancy and easy!