10 of the most popular tourist cities and villages of France

They are based on the opinions of millions of Internet users called the famous portal TripAdvisor.

most loved, and thus became a popular city in France Paris.The French capital for a long time, maintains its position as a leader of world tourism.TripAdvisor specialists advise anyone who got in this beautiful city, try the chocolate bread on the terrace of one of the numerous Parisian cafes, stroll along the quays of the Seine and of course to visit the most important sights of Paris - the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame.

Complete your same day in Paris can be a table Moulin Rouge, watching extravagant presentation.

most elegant city in France, located in the heart of the Cote d'Azur - Nice - was second in the ranking of the most favorite tourist destinations in the rest of France.At the heart of the city is completely dedicated pedestrian area Rossetti.On the square, surrounded by colorful buildings, is a large fountain and the Cathedral of St. Reparata, which gives a nice true French charm.

third place ranking goes to Cannes with his constant concerts, sports, film festival and attractive views.On the coast, the giant yacht reign, but the city remains true to its main credo - "Life - is a festival."In Cannes come to look at celebrities or stroll along the Croisette, bordered by hotels.

Ancient cobbled streets with more than two thousand history related to the heritage of UNESCO, brought the French Lyon in fourth place in the rankings.Of particular value to tourists is the Old Lyon, where the two Roman amphitheater.

Moreover, Lyon - this is a very dynamic city and the recognized capital of gourmets with fine shopping areas, rich theatrical life and the huge animal park (by the way, admission is free).

Golden Head Park - a large and well-kept green area, located between Lyon and suburbs with shady paths, walking paths, jogging, bicycle, large meadows, lakes, bars and cafes, greenhouses, a large rose garden and a zoo inside.Every year, the Golden Head Park is visited by 3 million tourists.

sun-drenched village to the old port and the small church of Saint-Tropez, in fifth place ranking.Widely known this place brought Brigitte Bordeaux.Since its justification here flooded the town of celebrities and their fans.The region has both urban family beaches and private, furnished restaurants, bars and discos.Needless to say, the night life of Saint Tropez is extremely rich.

In sixth place are the resorts of Chamonix, which is the main attraction - Mont Blanc height of 4810 meters.It is the highest peak in Western Europe and a great ski resort.Chamonix offers many kinds of outdoor activities, cultural events, as well as restaurants with the best of Savoyard specialties.

French Avignon, nicknamed "the city of Popes" because of the seven pontificates in the XIV century, took the seventh position in the ranking.TripAdvisor Specialists note that the city draws its old streets, medieval castles and Gothic architecture.Hundreds of thousands of tourists staying here every year to attend the famous festival of cinema, theater, dance and street performances.

third largest city in the French port of Marseille (eighth place) attracts tourists an unusual combination of style and tradition: the bay, surrounded by a fort of St. Nicholas and St. Jean, the famous Chateau d'If, made famous by the Count of Monte Cristo.In addition, the city is a theme park dedicated to the cowboy - OK Corral.

elegant resort southwest France, Biarritz was once a favorite vacation spot of the nobility.Today is the European capital of surfing and ninth place ranking.In summer, the town literally storm the tourists from all over the world.Here they say in French, Spanish and Basque.Great beach - a real entertainment area, which is located just behind the casino Art D├ęco.

town of Saint-Malo and his fortress citadel originally formed, the purpose of which was to protect the mouth of the Rance River.For centuries, the port city was a refuge of pirates, and today Saint-Malo is one of the most visited cities in the French Brittany.Experts advise TripAdvisor stroll through the busy streets of the old town, long beaches, as well as look into the Big port, St. Vincent and the giant aquarium, which brought the city-tenth of the final line of the rating the most preferred destinations in France.

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