Mabon (September 21-24) - autumn festival, the wheels, the Mid-Autumn holiday balance, falls on the autumnal equinox.

Autumn Equinox or harvest time traditionally associated with wild or harvested green fruit, gifts of Mother - Earth.This is the second of the two equinox days in the year when the dent is night in the Wheel of the year.Meadow - the god of light is defeated by his brother - a twin and rival Gronvi, god of winter.Goronwy associated with the Horned God as well as a meadow with green man, a god of vegetation.

Mabon or Maponus another embodiment of the Meadows, he was considered the son of the Mother - Earth and is known as a liberator - a prisoner.It lies in the womb as the fetus, but - due to the fact that his sacrifice was a voluntary death has no power over him, and he is gradually gaining strength.

Mabon Many rituals were associated with the preservation of women's fertility, but worn with several phallic character.For example, before the holiday, married women going into the field to dig up (or pull - depending on the area), carrots, applied it to the lower abdomen, asking at the same time the fertility of their own belly (Progeny, preeminent over every progeny on my womb).House women washed carrots and tied it in small bunches red woolen threads in three turns.

in your life a ritual associated with the autumnal equinox, suitable for solving problems related to achieving prosperity in all aspects of life, including a secure future, which may depend on the availability of work or finance investments;reconciliation when we forget all grudges and quarrels;all cases related to the resignation.This is an opportune time for the elderly and those who are beginning to use their knowledge in new areas;solving problems related to chronic diseases, as well as to study the laws of water magic.

Mabon candle for prosperity

Mabon - time of gratitude for all the things that we have;gardens full of fruit, bread from the grain harvest, which has already been assembled.Celebrate the abundance of the harvest season, making candle Mabon to attract prosperity into your life.These simple candle can give to friends, and you can light on your altar or put somewhere in the house.

You will need: candle color crop;yellow, orange or brown, essential oils;cinnamon, cloves and orange, pen or pencil to inscribe the candle, one of the herbs associated with money;dry dill, sage or basil.

If you normally work to make the circle, do it now.Using a pen or pencil and write their intention to candle.If you need money to pay bills write it, if you need a certain amount of money, select it, if you do not know exactly what amount of money you need, use the symbols of money - the dollar or the euro, or rune.In traditional runes Fehu - a sign of prosperity.Once you have completed the inscription, rub a candle to any of the selected oils.Then rub in the butter a small amount of dry grass;dill, sage or basil - herbs associated with money.When you do this, clearly, imagine how you will use the money.You give debt?Buy a new car?You use them for personal development?Then light a candle and looking at the flame, focus on your intention.Imagine how your desire erupted from a small spark of light into a large bowl.Keep that image in your mind as long as you can.Then leave the candle burn out.

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