Commands for the Windows command line

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Over the past decade, Windows users are so used to working in a window, using the manipulator "mouse" that have completely forgotten about the command line in the operating system.Trying to solve some problems in Windows, because of the Internet are downloaded megabytes of software.But the command-line command "Vindovs" can replace most service programs.The user decides what to entrust the operation of a personal computer - a set of commands that have existed since the origins of Windows, or programs that are written are not always in good faith, and are often paid.

Introduction and First Start

To work need a team to run the command line, it is called «cmd» and it is necessary to introduce in the "Start" menu, the line "Run" context window Windows.Alternative launch the command line - "Start", "All Programs", "Standard", find and run the required label.If none of these solutions work, you can use a combination of hot keys "Vindovs" - simultaneously pressing the keyboard buttons "Start" Windows icons and «R», in the window that appears, write «cmd» and pressing Enter.Result of this action will be a small window, waiting for the command line commands on the screen with some text written in white lettering on a black background, and a blinking cursor.If the appearance of the window is a pain, it can be changed.To do this, press the alternative mouse button on the window cmd, in the window that appears, select the "silence."After playing with the settings of the program, save your changes by clicking "OK" and restart the command line.

basic set of commands for working with the system

All users should be aware that the list of commands for the command line is very large, accordingly, it commands a huge amount, and they are unlikely to be needed in full operation.However, you should meet with the teams that perform maintenance work for managing and configuring the system, allowing you to not install a large number of unnecessary programs.The most popular team «msconfig», which opens the configuration of Windows.Sometimes you have to configure the startup, when there is a suspicion that your computer is too long to boot - in the menu "Startup" you can find a lot of unnecessary applications at startup.Team «regedit» launches the registry editor and «chkdsk» check the disk for errors.Who said that you can not format the media into another format to the preservation of information?Without ceremony, the team «convert».Other commands for the command line, if desired, can be found in the specialized literature.

basic set of commands for network

Teams «ipconfig», «ping» and «tracert» on hearing any reliance on the Internet user.The first command shows the current settings of the network, and the second and third check for access to the Internet and determine the area open if there is no Internet.Command prompt for the network is actually much more useful than they appear.For example, a great team «telnet» allows you to remotely configure and manage not only the personal computer, but also household appliances, supporting a control - a wifi-point, home theater systems, video conferencing systems, printers, copiers and other computerized machinery.System administrators using the command line to manage network devices.So, the team «devcon» and «netsh interface ip» allows you to connect together several providers to the Internet at the same time, distributing the load.

Executable files with the launch teams

not necessary commands to the Windows command line to enter one by one in the window.You can make an executable file that when you start to execute a sequence one after the other team.In people, this file is called "batch file", thanks to the expansion of «bat».Available command line enables many programs that users download from the Internet itself.For example, for the creation of a shortcut on the desktop team meets «SHORTCUT».Ease of executable files get first users who value their time.After all, you can create a couple of executable files, one will turn off unnecessary system resources on the computer, increasing performance for the game, such as the command «net stop».A second file will return everything to its original position.

little about command line utility

Do not wave his arms, closing the phrase "I do not exactly have to."Operating system "Vindovs" is very friendly for all users, as all states as in the installation and on the official website.And these words lies the possibility of remote connections to your computer, with the ability to not only view the stored information, and the complete management system.If a Windows installs not a professional, he just did not care about the security of your computer.And yet he could give the system a beautiful addition to which integrated components that the Windows startup include user-friendly interface, if it is off.You can go through his hands registry "Vindovs" and find the Trojan horse, and you can create an executable file containing useful commands for the command line, place it in a startup "Vindovs" he will at startup to block access to personal data.

Command Line guard data integrity

If you do not load the operating system Windows, as soon as the user remembers the presence of important documents and photos on the computer hard media.In most cases, computer repair service centers trusts, which are always solve his problem.However, I want to save important documents and pictures so that they are not seen by outsiders.Standing at the master of the soul?It will not help - commands for the command line, entered the master, quietly copied any data that is immune from this.A can be copied to an external storage medium, and then removed from your computer important data on their own, with the help of the Windows boot in safe mode with command line or through the Recovery Console "Vindovs."Just need to know a few teams who are responsible for the action:

  1. transition between the disks and directories - "to:», «e:», «CD».
  2. Create directory - «MD title."
  3. Moving Directory - «Move».
  4. Viewing contents of a folder - «dir».
  5. Removing directories - «DELTREE».

Example studio

Understandably, everyone wants spectacles, rather than "one more article about obscure command line."List of commands for the command line using a batch file is below.Apply it is possible to stop the ban self-launch Remote Assistance and Remote Registry Windows.

net stop RemoteRegistry


sc config RemoteRegistry start = disabled


net stop winRM


sc config winRM start = disabled


between command line service management can be seen «pause»- This allows you to pause between commands, which is urgently needed, as often stop or disable the service takes some time and setting two tasks at the same time a service will cause a banal error.Due to pause, you can also watch the progress of the teams - "Vindovs" at the command line reports all actions performed.

command line is not for the casual user

So tell uneducated people or those who configure Windows earn their money.If we trace the history of the products from Microsoft, from MS-DOS to the newest version of Windows, you can see how the changed interface of the program and also see innovation as a handy tool."Behind the scenes" remains unchanged command line "Vindovs", with all its teams, which have not changed in decades, unless supplemented with new ones.This suggests that the basic commands for the command line are universal for any operating system Windows.Throughout his life, moving from one version of "Vindovs" to another, constantly there are questions, and at 100% (almost) - due to changes in the interface.All of these issues can be closed, having become acquainted with the command line, basic commands.

Command Line - the best tool for managing

If you delve deeper into operating systems, you can see that in addition to Windows on the planet there are at least hundreds of operating systems.A typical user does not know about them because of the monopolization of the market by Microsoft.In all existing operating systems, the command line is present in the majority of cases it is called briefly "console".Through the console, for example, the operating system Ubuntu or FreeBSD, using a set of commands that is managed all the infrastructure of the planet (banks, government agencies, the media, investment funds and markets holders databases and similar structures).Those who manage data are unlikely to know all of the commands for the command line, but they have a set of commands that allows you to manage more than one personal computer.This fact underlines the need to explore a tool called "command line".