How old rules Augustus?

Augustus - one of the most famous Roman generals.Its not for nothing called the father of the Roman Empire.About how many years the rules of Octavian Augustus, and how he created his empire, and described in this article.

ascent to the throne

path to absolute power began to Octavian's pretty early.On the question of how old the rules of Octavian Augustus, it is difficult to give the only correct answer.The fact is that while the rules of Octavian Rome informally full legal authority he received from the Senate later.To understand how this happens, you should learn a little biography of Octavian.

future emperor was born in 63 BCHe came from a noble family - his mother was a niece of Julius Caesar.Great care and outstanding organizational talent like his grandfather, Julius Caesar, who later adopted the young patrician.At 18, he has already been submitted to the Senate, where flattery and eloquence was able to win over even the most experienced politicians.His generosity and gentle manners, he has managed to win over the people and the army.


signed an agreement with Antony and Lepidus, he created a military alliance, called the Second Triumvirate.Due to its strategic talent, the future emperor gradually defeated the army of the Roman Republican and divided the land among themselves and their allies.The power of Octavian Augustus extended to the whole of Italy and its provinces, Antony went to Asia, and Lepidus - African possessions.However, Lepidus he suppressed the last pockets of Republican rebels, and then Lepidus had lost their land, and in return received the life, liberty and the modest position of the Pontifex Maximus.Languages ​​recent ally Antony were confiscated after perusine war.So the triumvirate fell apart, and Octavian became virtually the sole ruler of Rome.

Board Rome

autocracy of Octavian Augustus demanded the legalization of his reign.Year after year, he was elected consul, but always exceeded its powers, further ignoring of legal parties have threatened uprisings.

in 28 BC.e.Augustus came to the Senate, and declared that the civil war ended, the lands of Rome, at peace, and he shall resign from all the powers, thereby returning power to the people and the senate.Senators, fearing treachery Octavian, vied with each other to persuade to change your mind.A few days later he was awarded the title of Augustus, which emphasized the sanctity and inviolability of his power.

from the army he was awarded the title of "Emperor", which means - the master, the commander.Since Roman soldiers called the commanders who did not know defeat.Caesar was a family nickname, but after the consecration, it has become a generic name of the rulers of Rome.So, the emperor Octavian Caesar Augustus took the throne of the Roman state.

For years, authorities

How old rules of Octavian Augustus, the same time, he strengthened the royal authority in their country.Expanding the boundaries of the state, strong ties in the country, clearly working state bureaucracy allowed Octavian to create a full-fledged powerful state.The system of government created by this ruler, was so perfect that functioned even three centuries after his death.

actual reign of Augustus began in 43 BC, when he was first elected consul.With few interruptions to the post he held for almost 20 years.In '28 his power is fixed by law - August becomes a lifelong ruler of Rome.Emperor died in 14 AD

Thus, the question of how old the rules of Octavian Augustus, you can answer: 56 years of actual power, of which 42, he was the emperor and the absolute monarch of the Roman Empire.