Spring call - whether to go into the army?

repay a debt to the motherland and to serve in the army tend not all young people.Of this number, you can weed out for about 80% of recruits who did not want to let parents.Why was the punishment of the army and the spring call (and autumn) - judgment given in the execution?

The army takes all?

To get respite from the army or not to serve, you need a good reason.

ordinary people who do not have connections and money, it is quite difficult to find, even in the presence of chronic disease in the young man.Spring appeal based on the principle "you could walk - fit".Enlistment is explained by catastrophic shortfalls.This plan is not performed more often in the spring.In the autumn of this problem is not so urgent.So what's going on?Why do young people on the eve of the summer trying to "hang"?

The fact that the majority of boys of military age do not go to the service because of the training and higher education.Cause serious and before it was a way to keep the young man home.But the authorities have found a solution to this problemy.Teper guys will serve during the summer vacation (June through August).Laid year of service is stretched into three.Such innovation requires a complete set of recruits.

If young people absolutely do not want to serve, he'll have to collect a large sum of money, which will help him to "buy" the military card or "draw" the disease.

What happens during a call?

first is to say, when the spring begins the call.The official date - April 1st.From this period, there is an active training of recruits for military service.Consequently, young people are trying to find the reason for the delay.Only with the beginning of the "season of military" has to do something impossible.

Spring Call makes not only young men and their parents, but also the military office workers strongly nervous.They are given a plan that they have to perform under any circumstances.Even not very good guys go to serve.If there is a shortfall, the entire military board receives from superiors reprimand.

Is it worth going to serve?

unequivocal answer to this question is not found.Of course, the service is necessary to the young man.

he mastered weapon skills, protection of territory and more.If war comes, he can become a full-fledged advocate of the country.In addition, the boys become more responsible, serious and courageous.Although many parents call the baby is a punishment in the army, they immediately try to find out when the call ends the spring.Unfortunately, the modern army - this is not what the media promise.In most cases, military units - is hunger, cold, theft and "bullying."Therefore, to spring call I did not sentence you need to "negotiate" with the staff of the recruiting office (may be asked to leave a conscript to serve in his native city).

Spring Call continues 3.5 months (April 1 - July 15).By April you need to prepare all the documents and information, if the parents do not wish to give a "child" in the army.