Termobigudi any better on the long hair?

In life, every girl can be a situation when it suddenly invited to any event, whether it's a meeting or a family celebration.Therefore, we must be ready to look your best.What if there is neither time nor resources to hike to the hairdresser?The main thing - peace of mind!In this situation, this will be a lifesaver termobigudi.Which is better to choose?

Why do they need?

Thanks to them, you can make excellent packing just a half hour.If you - the owner of the long thick hair, for you will have no difficulty to create a stunning hairdo.An excellent tool in this will termobigudi.Which is better?Unfortunately, not all women know that it is the product of what their differences and how they choose.

What curlers used by our grandmothers?

first termobigudi is a plastic container that was filled with paraffin, and on its surface were small spikes for better fixation and clips.Before wrapping the hair products in boiling water boil for about 5-7 minutes.Because of this method of heating it was difficult to control the temperature, so often hair simply fired and became very fragile.

improved version

Mankind has made a big step into the future, including in the beauty industry.And ladies modern version became available.What termobigudi better and how to use the method of laying?How did this modern gadget is designed for beauty?In novice fashionistas always a lot of questions.

The covered?There

curlers that are heated by the hot water and the other - by an electric current.There may be different versions of the outer layer.Some products are covered with ceramics, while others have a Teflon coating.And there are velor, velvet and even tourmaline.

Experts advise to buy the product with Teflon or ceramic - they are more forgiving with respect to the hair.Curler aluminum lead to the formation of split ends and brittle hair.Inside each product is a paraffin wax or a rod which is first heated, and then, after tightening, gradually gives up its heat to hair.

Their undoubted advantage is more gentle on hair and, unlike ploek and tongs, rollers can be used much more frequently.But if you have dry and brittle hair, do not overdo it, and that will make it even worse.

Elektrobigudi, despite the fragile appearance, are rugged, and are always sold in special protective containers.So you can safely without fear that some harm, to take them on a journey.

How much curlers?

package price ranges from 1,500 to 5,000 rubles.You can buy them as in a conventional electronics store and the online store.Before you buy read reviews of the girls who are already using the product of a particular brand.The average price of a conventional kit is around 2000 rubles.For the money you get a standard set.

If you want a more professional version with a large variety of attachments, then you need to pay up to 4000-5000 rubles.Good competitors "grandma" perm techniques - termobigudi.What is best to choose and what are their advantages?After all, if you use conventional products, then you spend a lot of time on the moisture and then drying the hair.And then we spun, wait 20-30 minutes and you're done!It should be noted that the size of the product depends on the length of your hair.

long hair - large diameter

So, in the article we are talking about the heated rollers.What is best for long hair?Each stylist will tell you that those who have a large diameter.And for the short curls fit smaller items.This should be considered when choosing termobigudi.What is best for long hair, decide for yourself, but it is better to give preference to variations in ionic conditioning.Then you will not only do the folding, but also improve your hair.And this function will prevent hair from excessive discharges.

Thermohair curlers which is better?Comments and opinions on this matter leaves a lot of the fair sex.Each girl chooses them according to their criteria.Price is also an important factor when making a purchase.The most economical option - a heated hair rollers with a velvet covering.And the most expensive cover - ceramic.What termobigudi best, every fashionista decide.

If you want to give long hair more volume or to raise them at the root, choose the largest possible curlers.This diameter is also suitable if you have a heavy and difficult to style hair.To create a romantic image can use heated rollers of different sizes - while your hair will look not only gentle, but also unusual.

How to use?

Connect to the network container and wait until the product filled with warmth.It usually takes about 5 minutes.Before you start to style your hair, wash them, be sure to air-dry, but not completely, and apply a special thermal protection spray.So you engorged hair nutrients and protect against further heat.Comb your hair and divide them into three or four parts - it all depends on the thickness of hair.

Stylists recommend starting perm forehead and move to the back of the head.Separate small strands of hair, then everyone will curl curl well.When the rollers start to cool down, and this will happen in about 10-15 minutes, you can gently remove them.To consolidate the results, you can sprinkle a little before removing the hair locking varnish.To secure the required half an hour, then you can safely proceed to the modeling.

Tips and tricks

undoubted advantage is that curls wound on curlers, kept much longer than with other methods of curling - up to 12 hours.

Thermohair curlers which is better to use, now you know.Finally, we give a few tips:

  • Firstly, before cranking your hair in curlers, their warm hairdryer.Then the process will accelerate slightly.
  • Secondly, after waving never brush your hair immediately.Divide and arrange the strands you can gently hands and comb after use.When the clip was captured and curls have cooled, you can start collecting hair.

Feedback about this technical novelty at all different: someone easier to do the old-fashioned styling, and someone lives to the rhythm of a non-stop, so saves his every minute.If you fall into the latter category, be sure to purchase electric heated rollers.Which is better, you can easily determine after reading this article.Beauty requires sacrifice - it remembers all the women.But if you follow all the advice, these victims will be minimal.