Words with roots "lag" - "boxes": examples and rules of writing

study of the Russian language - one of the highlights of the school curriculum.Almost all eleven disciples are working to improve their spoken and written language.Nevertheless, it has always difficulties arise for several reasons.Firstly, it is difficult to learn their native language.The subconscious dictates such a thing: "Once the native language, then, by default, I always say the right thing".What it is often not so.The second reason may be the reluctance and outright lazy student.In any case, the most common mistake is a wrong statement stresses, invalid use of words, and writing a variety of grammar, punctuation and stylistic errors.

This article analyze the most common errors associated with the use of word forms, most of which depend on the root.We do this with the basics of alternating -lag-, -lozh-.Examples of errors in the words of such roots are found daily.

What is the root word

consists of the so-called morpheme - parts of speech.This includes the prefix, root, suffix and ending suffix.Root - a mandatory morpheme.Word may not include any prefix or suffix and have a zero ending (in fact it is not), such as the word "mother."There are two types of roots: constant and alternating.In the first case, the shape of the root remains unchanged at declension word on cases.In the second case, changing the form of the word itself morpheme modified.This is because the words have a common value, but the use of different grammatical rules.A prime example would be the word with the root -lag-, -lozh-.We use them every day in their spoken and written language.Why change


As mentioned above, the roots of the words can be changed by the decline of speech on cases.Why is this happening?For example, alternating root -lag-, -lozh- explains the rules of the Russian language.If you try to analyze more precisely the main reason for modifying morphemes, it is easy to know that the reason lies in a wide variety of single-root words.In other words, in the Russian language are too many words that have a different shape, but similar within the meaning of meaning.As an example, consider the words on -lag-, -lozh-.In the most common version of the morpheme used the word "put" or similar.The word refers to the union of any objects in one place or in one piece.

He is the same root word "resign".With his pronunciation of the first thing comes to mind writing of any works.For example, "composing legends."However, if the apparent differences first words really similar in value.Both represent overlapping objects (in the first case something material in the second - the addition of letters in syllables, etc.).Generally, for the roots -lozh-, it -lag- usually determined uniquely, but about it later.

roots alternating

at school at lessons of the Russian language in the section word formation is studied in some detail this section, the roots of alternating.The reason for this is that the students make many mistakes when using them.Among the most recognizable of the roots can be called -rost-, -rast-, -gor-, -gar- and roots -lag-, -lozh-.Examples can lead indefinitely, because there are certainly those words, one form of which will be modified with the root.

It would seem that if you know how to pronounce the words, the problem with writing these morpheme should not be.Unfortunately, it is not.In some cases, have to go to the directory in which there is material on the use of the roots.


As in all of the school curriculum, in the Russian language there are rules.They exist in all sections, starting with the ending punctuation and spelling.Morphemics no exception.Since the article we consider it roots -lag-, -lozh-, the rule will be formulated for them.For most other alternating pairs have a large amount of information in the secondary literature.It is important to note that the Russian language - is one of the few subjects where the wording of the rules is not required to memorize.The most important - is to understand the meaning and be able to apply the knowledge in practice.Nevertheless, the rules are formulated in all situations except obvious.

Rule for -lag-, -lozh-

In Russian spelling -lag-, -lozh- uniquely determined rule.Its wording is as follows: if the vowel is unstressed before the letter "d", writes "a".In that case, if there is a letter "g" should write "about".The rule is quite simple and easy to remember, if only because that on hearing the words and roots alternating -lag-, -lozh-.Examples are also obvious: make, lay, make, compose, and so on.

have rules, like everything in life, there is an exception, but let's talk about it later.So, should firmly remember this rule to be confident in the use of the word.

features use root

You've probably already noticed that all of the examples were eating with prefixes.This is the main feature.Words with roots -lag-, -lozh- without platformers morpheme are not used.On this particular, some forgotten, resulting in unacceptable turn to the use of the word.The only exception is the word "lie down."In all other cases, in the words of a -lozh-, -lag- rule states that you must use console.On this feature should pay particular attention, since it is often overlooked by many people.Use these roots interleave without prefixes - the most common mistake in speech.I think that everyone has heard at least once the word "lay down" and so on.This usage is not allowed.To indicate that action should be used substitute word "put" and word forms.

Exceptions root striped

above was examined how the rule is formulated for -lag-, -lozh-.Examples were given, however, it was said about the exception.There is one word - a "canopy."Here, as we see, before the letter "d" is "about."It should be noted that under the stress at the root of the letter is not, and has the prefix Therefore.That is, all conditions, except the main - the use of letters in accordance with Rule.

What is a "curtain"?In dictionaries of given value is the value of: a curtain that obscures the bed.Today this piece of furniture can be found except in the villages, from which it can be concluded that the word was used in ancient times, when there were not withdrawn such rules writing.

basic errors with the use of roots

As mentioned above, not only students, but also to many residents of our country are struggling to cope with the task of correct pronunciation and respect the basic rules of grammar.Words mangled, broken their style, which is not taken into account whatever the rules of pronunciation.So, our roots -lag-, -lozh- most "fear" without the use of set-top boxes.Unfortunately, this rule is neglected by many.Often you can hear such "word forms" as "lay down", "lays down" and so on.Among other things, the emphasis in these "words" are also placed incorrectly - to the root vowel.It should be remembered that this is unacceptable to use them in any case.If you want to put something, it can also "put" that is, to use a synonym, the use of which is permissible.Another of such incidents can be considered the word "plant".

Although officially it is permissible for him to have a more regular shape - "plant."The first type often used before, maybe that's why it's left to a place in our speech.

How to avoid mistakes

Many people ask how to speak properly.The answer is quite simple: you need to read as many books.Human visual memory is arranged in such a way that captures the unfamiliar things and "saves" them first in the prompt, and then in the long-term memory.In other words, after reading a book with some of the new words they will gradually "fall" in the memory.Securing will happen automatically, as human psychology is built mostly on imitation.Subconsciously, the brain is to "wedge" new words in your speech, so that words will be gradually included in the lexicon, and will remain there forever.When it touches the writing, the visual mechanism for storing work - it will be written word itself.In the speech, in order to avoid similar mistakes, which have been described above, the same advice.Another, albeit controversial, the Council will fix others.Probably around you there are people who use certain words incorrectly.Correcting them, you will not only remind ourselves of the correct pronunciation, but also to help others.

Conclusion This article covered the rules of use of the roots -lag-, -lozh- examples of words in which they are contained.It should also say that the Russian language - the most difficult in the world.No other linguistic education is not such a complex communication system on cases of words, numbers, leave.That is why it is impossible to know everything down to the smallest detail.It is not required.Self-respecting man, among other things, distinguishes the ability to competently and coherently speak.To learn this, not necessarily sit for days of dictionaries and textbooks - this approach does not give positive results.Regularly enough to read books and to communicate in a language that helps to keep fit.If you want to learn to speak the literary language, you can visit the linguistic courses - this is a very good practice to improve the language.