How to solve the problem, "the laptop does not see the stick?"

no doubt that after the discovery of problems and issues with the stick each person asks the true cause of the malfunction or breakdown.If the laptop does not see the usb-storage medium, it is most likely a consequence of the two possible electronic fault either usb-port or flash card itself.

Functioning flash drive that is connected to a properly working usb-port of the PC or laptop must necessarily blink, as this LED is an indication of efficiency and removable media and computer.Therefore, if the laptop does not see the stick, then this LED will not illuminate a generic fashion.At the first signs that the stick can not see the computer, you need to try to rearrange it in different ports.If none of the usb-port it does not work, then we can safely talk about possible problems.

main reasons that the laptop does not see the stick

1. The most common cause of problems with the flash card is the wrong use of removable media.Very often, users of computers or laptops to connect it to the front of the chassis, causing the computer does not perceive the usb-storage medium.The problem of lack of contact on the front panel with plug-flash card is not the fault of the system unit, and the lack of connection to the power supply from the port.

2. Why the laptop does not see the stick?The answer to this question is very interested in computers and notebook users who have encountered failure of flash memory cards.One of the causes of such problems may be the fault of the system unit power supply or too much load current on usb-port.That is to restore the correct operation of the flash card and a computer, we need only to distribute the load on your PC.Therefore it is necessary to remember and not to forget that the new removable device can be connected only when the computer is not connected to a lot of similar vehicles, otherwise you need to disable some of them.

problem that worries many users of computers and laptops, that is those cases in which the laptop does not see the flash card can be based on a lot of reasons.For example, this may be to blame not only the computer system unit and its port, but also the flash drive.

Very often it happens that it is wrong extracted usb-media from the computer after dropping all the files on the computer or with him, that is, the owner simply pulls the stick out of its usb-port.Such careless extraction significantly shortens the life of flash cards.

Also, the fact that the laptop does not see the stick may be guilty, and the lack of software for the removable media in a personal computer.Usually on a flash drive hidden files is a set of software files that make computers and laptops perceive themselves as a flash card removable media, but due to improper operation and possible damage to these files.