Crystal rainbow - bridge over the problem (NLP)

here-described technique can be applied to create a motivation or management habits and problems with health.It can be used whenever a person knows what is the desired result, even if he does not have a clue how to do it."Crystal Rainbow" you can use for yourself, but you can apply it to another.

Consider the case when the technique is applied to the "patient."
First of all, ask the patient to relax and close your eyes.

1. Let imagines a rainbow on the horizon.
describing it, select the "beginning" of the rainbow (usually the left) and its "end".Priukras this description.For example say, describing the (right) end of the rainbow, that myths and legends claim that there can be found a pot of gold.

2. Install on a rainbow seven crystal balls, in which the patient will see the images.
Tell me about crystal balls fortune-tellers, in which you can look to see the images.Take it a few minutes to a person enough time to create a useful representation.These balls are placed on a rainbow, from edge to edge, at regular intervals.

can immediately install all seven balls and then to fill them, or install the balls one by one when they are needed in the process.

3. Bowl, which is "now" is set to the top of the rainbow.(This ball №1) .

"now" can mean anything, what the patient prefers.It may be just the moment when he is with you, or a period in his life.Ask the client to look at the ball, which is now, and see an abstract image of yourself in the present.(Figures in all spheres should be abstract, without further details).

4. Ball, indicating the point of origin of the problem situation, established at the beginning of the rainbow.(Ball №2).

suggested that the patient be allowed in this ball on the left end of the rainbow, represent the beginning of the problems with which you are working.It can be an event, or bring it to the beginning of the earliest memory of her.Let the person uses any arising image, assured him that it would offer him unconscious, and there is a "correct" way.

5. Ball, indicating the future (desired) result is placed at the end of the rainbow.(Ball №3).

Pay attention to the client on the right end of the rainbow.This is where the buried pot of gold.Tell him that in this way the ball will be representing him in the future when the current problem will be completely solved.

Make sure that the image is attractive, appealing and really want.Check that all the qualities that a customer wants to have, one way or another presented in a bowl.

be continued.

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