Overview of specific devices for storing salt, pepper, oil and sugar

salt in salt shaker and pepper to pepper, sugar in the sugar bowl - seemingly simple.But the fact of the matter there is, designers try to diversify into such a seemingly simple functionality of objects.

1. Sugar Life of Snowman

glass sugar bowl in the form of a snowman.Model with two holes - narrow at the top and wide at the bottom (closed plug).Czech designer Maxim Velkovski (Maxim Velčovský) reflected in its product deep "thought about the meaning of" calling the model "Life Snowman" (Life of the Snowman).

2. Sugar Gino Zucchino

Funny Sugar dispenser from the company Alessi.Designed by Guido Venturini (Guido Venturini)

3. Set Sugar and Milk

Items for serving: milk jug and sugar bowl from Tools Design.Made of borosilicate glass - heat-resistant material, through which the contents of the milkman can be warmed in a microwave and washed two jug in the dishwasher.Milkman supplemented lid, sugar bowl - special dispenser ("portion" is equal to one teaspoon).

4. A set of salt and pepper Tumblers

Ball ideal form of stainless steel - a new version of containers for spices can be used for any kind of spices.At the bottom of the tank there is a counterweight, whereby salt and pepper shakers Tumblers not tip over and swaying rhythmically from side to side.Design Henrietta Melhiorsen (Henriette Melchiorsen).

5. A set of salt and pepper Planet

Planet set from the company Xindao consists of salt and pepper shakers.Designed by design group XDDesign - Emma Sundberg, Jutta Friedrichs, Tony Poon.

6. A set of salt and pepper TWIST

model developed by Danish designer Philip Bro Ludvigsen (Philip Bro Ludvigsen).

7. Capacity for oil and vinegar Planet

Dual Capacity for oil and vinegar from the company Xindao.The glass bulb blown into the shape of a ball.Unusual vessel idea is that one bulb is contained within another, so one container comprises two independent container with two necks.Both holes are closed with rubber stoppers.Designed by design group XDDesign - Emma Sundberg, Jutta Friedrichs, Tony Poon (Emma Sandberg, Jutta Friedrichs, Tony Poon).

8. Set bottles, pipettes Pipette

bright black ball combined with the capacity of glass and steel tray will decorate the interior of any kitchen and tidy pipetting dispenser and "collar" on the bottle will protect the table surface from the drops.Containers can be used for storing various sauces, vinegar, oil, honey or syrup.Design Lovoriki Banovik (Lovorika Banovic).

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